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Best buy Case Study - Assignment Example

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When it comes to the customer-centric strategy, a company’s marketing efforts are mostly directed towards the client’s value with an aim of promoting profits. It…
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Best buy Case Study
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Extract of sample "Best buy Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages ased on Best Buy’s case study, customer-centricity works better because the segmentation of high-earning customers, empowers the employees to target those who will bring in more profits to the store (Boyle, 2006). In the Best Buy case study, Brad Anderson wanted an immediate change from the traditional strategy to a customer-centric strategy. However, as evidenced in Boyle’s magazine article, the shift from a traditional strategy to a customer-centric strategy also many problems. The profits and growth of a company’s branches are not made easily as most managers imagine (Capon, 2008). According to the CEO at Best Buy, Brad Anderson, the transformation is not always smooth as most people would expect (Boyle, 2006).
In addition, the traditional strategy of offering customer services was different because it only focused on only the clients who are average or only those spending a lot of high quality services. Most companies are proud to say that they are customer-centric, which is an added advantage because marketers use customer results to understand the customers’ base. This not only saves on time, but resource and scarce resources. A customer-centric organization also makes it easier for the clients to communicate any time with it. Contrary to the traditional strategy of providing services, a customer-centric company has no room for opaque responses which also lack empathy.
According to Boyle (2006), using the segmentation tactic at Bet Buy Company helps it to work at a successful pace, particularly when it opened its first stores in China. Since segmentation allows a company to identify its most profitable and least profitable clients in the market, Best Buy’s marketing team identified that China had profitable customers. It is the reason that allowed Best Buy to become successful in China. It is because of the segmentation tactic that Best Stores continues to design its stores according to customer wants, since identified that customers like an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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