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Module 8 - Case Study Example

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Mayo Clinic is among the foremost and largest incorporated and not-for-profit organization that has been offering the most diverse range of healthcare services to residents of USA for so many years (McJoyant et al., 2009). The organization has medical professionals who belong to…
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Case Study Module 8
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Download file to see previous pages This clinic has sites in Minnesota, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, Rochester and Jacksonville (Hawn, 2011).
The mission of Mayo Clinic is “to provide utmost care to every patient each day through built-in research, education and practice.” Collectively, all three locations of Mayo Clinic work together to treat more than half a million patients each year; Mayo, therefore, is supporting the most comprehensive research department so that it can apply its philosophy of “bringing bench to bedside” and it has developed Mayo College of Medicine to teach and prepare professionals of future medical field (Smith & Gronseth, 2011).
In service industry, customers are most important stakeholders and it is vital for companies to provide top quality services to them (Schweikhart, 2009). In case of healthcare industry, each customer needs to be given individual attention and every medical requirement needs to be fulfilled so that everyone is provided utmost care and all mandatory medical services. As an important member of health care industry, Mayo Clinic has made sure that it enhances its service level by trying to improve its entire quality management system (Dudas, 2011). It is important that workforce of Mayo Clinic is provided a conducive work environment along with competent skill development options so that each patient is provided excellent quality services which helps them in recovery at a fast pace and assist them in living a normal and healthy life (Ramlall, Welch, Walter & Tomlinson, 2009). The main problems and issues faced by Mayo Clinic are:
1. Mayo Clinic has high demand for its services but it has inadequate capacity to meet all demands of customers; more than thousands of patients are turned down because of inadequate space for accommodating them.
Whenever any organization faces any problem, it is more likely to have an impact on all of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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