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Impact of Magazines on their Readers - Article Example

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Magazines have shaped up lives of a huge number of people since time immemorial. With the changing trends in advertising, marketing and public relations, nearly all spheres of life have been amended. This is because there is just so much going on in the name of consumerism and its attached movements that advertising seems to be the buzzword everywhere…
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Impact of Magazines on their Readers
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Download file to see previous pages However what is currently the case has never been like the one which used to be so in the 19th century. The press of modern times relies more on placing the advertisements rather than giving the readers something to read about. In other words, it is more interested in propagating advertisements than the news and reports on which the readers are focused. There is now an aspect of compromise when it comes to putting a news report and the magazine editor thinks of placing an advertisement on the specified place for the report so that he could earn more and bring more revenues for his magazine. This means that the unethical attitudes are pretty much apparent in the whole contexts of press and these need to be adjusted in a manner which could balance the benefits as well as make the news reports and analyzes visible in between the pages of the magazine.
The media has always been used as a tool to educate and stimulate the audience's minds. The hype and controversy surrounding the Terri Schiavo euthanasia case is an ideal example of how language can influence the emotions and consciousness of ordinary people. The terminology used and the method of citing opinions basically created the controversy which turned into one of the biggest ethical discussions of our times. Similarly, throughout the Suffragette movement (1920's), the conservatives and the liberals used newspapers/magazines and pamphlets to circulate their views on the right for women to vote. What was primarily a case of simple human rights became a war of words and media manipulation. Constant exhortation of the word "mother" and "life-giver" in the newspaper issued by Christabel Pankhurst, The Suffragette, gave their requests a tinge of blackmail. During the early 1950's, newspapers, magazines and radio had created such an atmosphere of fear and suspicion over the supposed communist activities taking place within the United States, that Senator Joseph McCarthy's sometimes far-fetched accusation of subversive activities against certain public figures were taken seriously. His ability further, to maneuver public opinion using words like, "Un-American", "subversive" and "unpatriotic" further deepened the masses mistrust, giving him carte blanche to prosecute anybody he considered guilty of communist leanings. During the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's also, the use of periodicals to promote the viewpoints of both the black community and the white was profound. Language played an important part in the struggle for emancipation. The difference though was in the approach of the two great leaders of the African American movement, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Where the former hoped to persuade the government to relent, Malcolm X was more vocal against white people, terming them as 'evil'. This battle of ideas within the Black faction itself caused great confusion to the Caucasian community. Supporters of Civil Rights themselves were not overtly sure where to stand on the issue.
Moving on, David Gaunlett presented his own 'Ten Things Wrong with the Media Effects Model' in which he suggests that media does not necessarily have any direct effect on the lives of the people to which the media is generally addressed and in the related settings, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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