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Media and Sexuality - Essay Example

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Media is so complicated, and so are the consumers of this field. There is an existing geography in the concept of homosexuality which is largely concentrated in our communities. …
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Media and Sexuality
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Download file to see previous pages Fashion magazines are a good example of how media represents sexuality. With particular interest to the Dolce & Gabbana; we are looking at how fashion will allow me to suppose about the specificity of the visual pleasures and forms of identification that will be extracted from such magazines. The dissimilar consumer habit that is assumed in lesbians and gay men in addition to their reading of fashion images is related to the difference in historical relationship to fashion (Lewis 19). Whatever the fashion, dress has become a huge marker to the identity of the everyday’s lives of gays and lesbians. They have served as an identity to other homosexuals or as a method of passing; for those who may be gay coded. Because of these reason clothes have been so important to the lives of gays and lesbians and so related pages may seem of more interests to them. It has also been an argument that lesbian viewers and readers have always had a mode of selfish identification with images of beautiful women images and producing desires to have or to be the displayed woman. As she gazes at the model she may synchronize at a fantasy level of desire to be like her, a desire to have her, and moreover, a longing to be because she is the receiver of another woman’s gaze. Besides, in the female world the fashion magazine produces logic female desires gazes whether she is consciously lesbian or not. This is referred to as paradigmatic lesbian viewing (Lewis 23). She can be imagining to be looking at the images so as to learn how to make herself desirable for her man. But this does not police the viewer against the lesbian pleasure.
Although we are focusing on the lesbian visual pleasures, gay magazines have the habits of illuminating. ...
But this does not police the viewer against the lesbian pleasure. Although we are focusing on the lesbian visual pleasures, gay magazines have the habits of illuminating. Previously, the male body has been documented in ways that thought to be connected with the body of the female alone. Gay magazines have done it in the reverse; they seek to sell the idea of homosexuality as a lifestyle which they openly celebrate. They try to make the readers to celebrate and participate in their mainstream culture, rather than to converse to them in an insulate of fantasized gay separation. It means that the advertising revenue is possible, more so when this campaign adverts look to be increasing at homes in a gay venue (Lewis 29). So while looking at the fashion coverage we are viewing it in the increasing queering of the popular gay culture. A single reading experience for a gay or lesbian will engage the reader in reading prevailing representational codes and this may more or less open them to same sex pleasures. To consume a gay or lesbian magazine is therefore, an experience of simultaneous reading with and against the grain. The re-reading of images that were previously consumed is laid with obviously homoerotic connotations in the homosexual context. There has been some debate on the nature of picture presentation in lesbian magazines. Popular lesbian magazines such as diva have brought up the naughty/nice composite of picture presentation that is a signification of the up to date awareness and style of the lesbian dress debates (Lewis 38). A look at the top figures invites a participation and identification. It is the policy of lesbian and gay magazines to use photographs of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media and Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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