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Advertisement Techniques Used in a Nivea Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Cream Print Ad - Essay Example

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Advertisements play an important role in ensuring the success of a certain product. Different types of media are utilized by companies in order to secure a significant market share that will make the product profitable for the company…
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Advertisement Techniques Used in a Nivea Visage DNAge Cell Renewal Cream Print Ad
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Download file to see previous pages Some advertisements are even used in movies through the form of covert advertisements. Current trends in product lines are leaning towards skin care and health products that claim to offer its consumers the technological and innovative breakthrough in science that is capable of maintaining youthfulness and eliminating the signs of aging. Several anti-ageing products are available in the market, each of which employs different advertising strategies to pursued consumers to try their products. This paper will mainly focus on a print ad released by the Nivea for the advertising campaign of its brand of anti-ageing cream, the Nivea DNAge cell renewal cream. The paper will employ a contextual analysis of the advertisement aiming to examine the techniques used and discuss the textual and visual arguments that are implied by the ad. Analysis on how the ad creates meaning through language, typography, colour and image will be observed. The target market of the product, as well as its representation of gender, class, race and age will also be determined. Language techniques are used in advertisements to target a specific sector of consumers. Skin care products, specifically anti-aging products, tend to capture western and oriental consumers through the use of specific keywords that can gain the interests of individuals. By analysing the details of the Nivea Visage DNAge cell renewal cream, shown in Figure 1, it can be inferred that the language techniques of using personal pronoun, jargon, and repetition was used (Lapsanska 2006). The large text in the advertisement, presented as OUR REVOLUTION IN ANTI-AGEING, uses the personal pronoun Our. Pronouns such as I, me, my, you, yours, your, we, us, our, they, them and their are commonly used in advertisements to address the reader. This technique has the effect of placing the readers in a particle position that they are part of the product, encouraging them to purchase and try the product. Using personal pronouns exploits the fact that skin care products are personal items and by associating them with the readers, a relationship is built between that can result to a higher chance of persuasion. For instance, the use of Our in the DNAge advertisement establishes a relationship to readers that suggests an affirmation of trust with the product (Lapsanska 2006). In addition, personal pronouns can also be used as a conjunction to other language techniques including imperatives, emotive words and slogans. This is shown in Figure 1 as the bulleted texts in the lower part of the image. Emotive words and slogans tend to suggest to the readers that they have the power against aging and can also be used to reinforce the fear of aging by suggesting words such as Firms and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and Reduces damage caused by external influences. The success of this type of technique is that the readers’ emotional appeals are being directly involved with the language of the advertisement (Lapsanska 2006). Jargons are mainly used in advertisement to generate supporting details for the product that is associated with logic and evidence. This technique provides the readers a notion that the product has scientific backing. The brand name Nivea’s anti-aging cream uses an approach of neologism, by combining the terms DNA for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Age. This suggests to readers that the formulation of the product is highly scientific and that it offers treatment for problems related to aging. By using the term DNA, the product projects a tone of professionalism and thus making it seem more reliable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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