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In the paper “How Smartphones Have Affected Our Consumption and Identities” the author focuses on smartphones, which have definitely played a major part in transforming our identities since its inception a decade back. Our lives have completely changed as compared to the lifestyle in the past…
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How Smartphones Have Affected Our Consumption and Identities
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Extract of sample "How Smartphones Have Affected Our Consumption and Identities"

Download file to see previous pages Social media penetration in the everyday life of people has greatly enhanced on account of huge smartphone consumption. It allows people to interact while they are on the go. Not only in the field of social media, have smartphones greatly impacted the educational field as well. In today’s modern society, the identity of students is much different from the past. They are able to gain access to their relevant course material while on the go. [1]
The convergence of interaction and calculating for mobile customer gadgets is on the evolutionary program to deliver inter-operability and maximize the solutions and features from every single sector. In such a method of convergence, the Smartphones are the major gadgets having the front line and taking part in the function of the wide-ranging mobile workspace. As a business approach, the Smartphone concept was unveiled in the marketplace, talking about a whole new category of mobile phones that give incorporated solutions from interaction, understanding and mobile industries such as a voice conversation, texting, personal information management (PIM) software and wireless interaction potential.
In a genuine sense, Smartphone is a cell phone with highly developed functions and performance beyond conventional functionalities such as making cell phone calls and delivering text messages. The Smartphone is loaded with the features to show pictures, enjoy video games, play videos, tracking, integral camcorder, audio/video playback, and soundtrack, send/receive electronic mail, on-board applications for social websites and browse the Web, wireless internet and a lot more. [2]
In past years, the only purpose of mobile phones was to make phone calls. They used to have a number pad, pick up, hang up button, and a digital phone book. A smartphone is a kind of cell phone that is capable of doing things that you would not expect from an ordinary cell phone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Smartphones Have Affected Our Consumption and Identities Research Paper.
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