Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities - Essay Example

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OUTLINE I Thesis Statement II Abstract III Introduction IV Mass Media and African Americans V African American woman is the important figure that can lead the younger generation to the threshold of American Dream but she has her own drawbacks and issues. VI Entertainment Industry and African Americans VII African American Role Models VIII Mainstream Rap—not a morale booster for the African Americans IX The evolution of Hip Hop from the voice of a struggling inner city, to the voice of negative stereotypes driven by mass media conglomerates X The influence of hip-hop lyrics cannot be judged in isolation XI The search for role models for African Americans XII The Civil Rights Movement and the…
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Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities
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"Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities"

Download file to see previous pages Such portrayal highlights negative stereotypes and suggests lesser moral and ethical standards for African Americans compared to that of other American citizens. The vast majority of popular programming displays African Americans in stereotypical dispositions that beg the assumption that blacks gain prosperity strictly through the avenues of sports and entertainment, not education. Thus, many black youth develop unrealistic goals and dreams that lead to dead end lifestyles. Many of the most popular television and music attractions aimed towards black audiences promotes the worship of money, drugs, sex, violence, and disrespect to authority. Those themes are in direct conflict with the themes of the “American Dream” which guarantees success to those who strive for education and commit to a lifetime of hard work. Mass media glorification of the black entertainer coupled with the seemingly blind eye given by mass media to blacks excelling in other areas outside of sports and entertainment give black youth a limited scope of ambition while leading many down the path highlighted by the many social and economic problems present today in the black community. II Abstract The factors that affect the academic and athletic experiences of the African Americans relate to cultural, economic and stereotyping factors. The last factor is mainly psychological. The Whites generally approves an African American while he excels in the area of sports and entertainment whereas he does not wish him well in the fields related to excellence of intellect. The purpose of this study is to explore and explain the threat of stereotypes amongst the African Americans and that threat is mainly from sportspersons and the stars of the entertainment industry. The younger generation turns out to be their blind followers and that they do by neglecting education. Discriminatory treatment of African Americans in fields other than entertainment and sports is also an issue. Racial socialization is also a factor that creates hurdles in their path of career advancement in other areas. Unable to counter several multifaceted factors like financial, social and historical they submit to the easy options available and look forward to the role models in the avenues of entertainment and sports. As for the psychological agony they often experience, the impact of the historical context cannot be ruled out. Role models, sports stars, media and family environment continue to influence their dispositions at the cost of education. III Introduction Mass media plays the dominant role in depicting and shaping the personality of the African Americans. But the prime goal of the media is to increase their audience, consequently profits, unfortunately though. Their favorite subjects are drug use, gang violence, violence and all sorts of antisocial dispositions. Thus media has contributed to wrong and unfriendly opinion about the African Americans. The media have enough historical stuff to make stories and continue to picture African Americans as second-class citizens. As such African Americans continue to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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