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Super Format and Rapid Development of TV Formats - Essay Example

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‘Super format’ and rapid development of TV formats Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date ‘Super format’ and rapid development of TV formats Numerous changes have been witnessed in the TV industry over the years. In this case, therefore, numerous analysts and researchers have carried out research and compiled results on the developments that have been taking part in the TV industry…
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Super Format and Rapid Development of TV Formats
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, with the increase in demand, a lot of investors came up with new ideas that saw the production of programs to match the demands of the customers in the markets. On the other hand, exploiters came up with the idea of exploiting the novel entrepreneurs with the idea of coming up with interesting and catchy programs that would sell and attract the attention of many individuals in the market. Moran & Malbon (2006) indicate that, with the advent of the digital technology, the global TV market indicated developments in coming up with a digital TV channel, that was directed to the consumers; thus, massive profits were indicated by the investors in the industry. TV super formats According to the research conducted by Ward (2003), TV super formats can be referred to as the elements that are in various ways completely invariable, and in which other programs are derived from. This basically refers to the derivation of many programs from a singular element, as a result of manipulation of systems to come up with a new program. TV super formats are, therefore, concepts derived from an original program that are reproduced in another for a different audience. With the right documentation these TV formats can be sold internationally for the original concepts to be replicated in other countries. Right documentation, here, refers to trading licenses between the seller and the buyer of the formats (Ward, 2003). With a lot of competition being experienced in the TV and broadcasting industry, there was a dire need by the broadcasting markets to diversify the rules of governing the broadcasting markets. In the long run, trade in the TV broadcasting saw the inclusion of many more traders; thus many players in the industry (Chalaby, 2011). Rapid development of TV formats Private channels Many parts of the world have experienced an upward trend in the number of channels airing programs. Research by Holmes and Jermyn (2004) shows that in prior years, national channels dominated the television sets in various countries, whereby viewers had no choice but to view whatever programs were aired. However, this trend took a dramatic change with the privatization of channels in many countries. In their quest to win over the viewers, these channels went looking for interesting and catchy programs to draw the interest of the viewers. The most viable way to do this was to concentrate on format programs. With time, privately owned television networks increased in number and completion for audiences was rife, with each trying its best to attract as many audiences as possible. In most cases, national broadcasters lagged behind in the completion for viewership, as they did not want to air programs that supported other nation’s talents and capabilities. The battle, therefore, was among the privately owned television channels. This completion fuelled the rise and spread of format TV. The investors and entrepreneurs in of these privately owned channels are, therefore, the catalysts for the rise in TV formats. Audience Audiences all over the globe have shown a particular liking to TV format programs over original ones. According to Holmes (2004) the concept of TV formats cannot be alienated from a discussion of the communication industry as far as television is concerned. Television formats are vital in the case of journalists and viewers of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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