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Promoting Innovation and Change - Essay Example

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Metcash Trading Ltd Australasia1 is the third largest grocery retailing force in Australia and its biggest wholesaler. It consists of three main trading groups. IGA2 Distribution, Campbells Cash and Cash and Australian Liqor Marketers. IGA is a brand that is, in all essence, virtually a franchise operation managed by Metcash, who provide stock, management service and financial assistance to a increasing number of "independent" supermarket stores, ranging from small convenience3, through medium format to large supermarkets4…
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Promoting Innovation and Change
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Extract of sample "Promoting Innovation and Change"

Download file to see previous pages Metcash corporate motto is "the Champion of the Independent Retailer" (see company website) and it actions support this, servicing over 4500, independent stores. It's own franchised IGA stores reached 1,100 in number by 2003 and today numbers around 1,400, Stephen McMahon (2006). That number continues to grow.
The company assists these businesses by providing a range of services, including 24-hour retail system support, in-store training, refurbishment, equipment, and via the creation of a specialist service team network. The company is also involved with refurbishing and building new sites, equipment and development services.
In 2003 Metcash extended its core store format by introducing the Supa IGA, Sydney Morning Herald, (October 2003). These are mainly situated across the eastern states and have are the redevelopment of 138 stores. They include petrol stations that offer customer discounts and keep up the company's competitive edge with Woolworth's and other supermarket competitors.
In consort with the retail side, Metcash has continued to develop the wholesale side of the business, culminating in 2006 when it formed an alliance with the New Zealand supermarket group Foodstuffs, creating a unique buying group with a joint budget of over 15 billion, Australian Financial Review (March 2006)
Metcash has not forgotten the operational side of the business either. In March 2006 the Company announced that it would spend millions on a new and up to the minute ERP6 system. It will also extend its Voicepick warehouse management platform technology, The Australian Financial Review (2006). The Company deny that this was a cost saving exercise.
However this is expansion is not happening without challenges. Because of its high-profile position and challenge to other groups in the industry, Metcash has needed to protect its own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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