The Impact of Workplace Diversity on Job Performance. (Walmart case study) - Essay Example

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A study on Walmart.
A total of 25 associates selected through purposive sampling participated in the study as employee- and respondent-respondents. The study followed a qualitative research design using face-to-face interview and focus group discussions as the primary research instruments. …
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The Impact of Workplace Diversity on Job Performance. (Walmart case study)
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Download file to see previous pages Findings revealed that workforce diversity has both positive and negative impacts on job performance in Walmart and that current diversity-related issues are not that damaging yet to the strategic objectives of the company. Results also showed that the most effective strategy to counter the potential negative impact of workforce diversity in the organization is to implement evidence-based initiatives which are to be introduced in several phases. Moreover, there are multifarious benefits of workforce diversity to the company.
Recommendations forwarded include continuously reinforcing positive impacts, neutralizing the negative impact, evaluating diversity profiles, revisiting policies, and soliciting feedback NOW to make sure that the gap between diversity requirements and the mechanisms that address these are limited at tolerable levels. More importantly, Walmart should sustain the momentum of its diverse workforce in bringing value to the company.
Strategic human resource management (HRM) is an integral approach aimed at reaching organizational goals. It correlates about how an institution directs the performance of its officers and workers within a targeted period to perfect the company’s relation with the market and to ensure that it’s able to achieve shareholders’ expectations based on the confluence and influential factors driven by the state of the economy. Russu (1993) posited that HRM is achieved if an organization has nurtured a formal structure of organization using its human capital in the perfection of desired performance. As such, the company must be able to (a) develop strategic approaches to motivate them in order to engage them in all necessary tasks; (b) permit the organization to function for efficiency and effectiveness of services; (c) adhere to objectives using standards and performance control or systems; (d) make some essential decisions about employment in relation to organizational effectiveness; (e) appreciation of diversity to gather leverage in the market and to make the services harmonious to market; and to nurture high productivity in its economic and corporate activities. Russu (1993) pointed that HRM is therefore about defining strategies to assure concordance in business strategy and human resources strategy. It is also interested about developing a comprehensive process in the application of policies and workplace ethics or practices by setting down the integrated human resources’ desired behaviours and nurturing commitments from workforces. The objectives of this research are to broadly investigate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Workplace Diversity on Job Performance in Walmart

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