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Changes in Communication Technology Impacting The Possibility of a Global Society - Essay Example

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Title: Changes in Communication Technology Impacting the Possibility of a Global Society Introduction: The use of communication technology particularly the use of internet has rapidly increased in the recent times. The internet seems to have a significant participation in different aspects of the lives of a human being…
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Changes in Communication Technology Impacting The Possibility of a Global Society
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Download file to see previous pages It can be reflected that the information and communication technologies being used in the present times reflect a contributive characteristic in the development of a society. This is primarily because the advanced technology provides with newer and innovative measures to communicate knowledge and information. The Arab Spring or the Arab awakening presents to a great extent the level in which the communication technology or the use of the social networking sites have contributed in the revolution being spread among the individuals. The current study focuses on the changing use of communication technology impacting the possibility of a global society, taking into reference the incident of the Arab Spring. The Media and its Development: Over the period of time on and from the 1980s, the communication and the media industry have been found to be have modified to a great extent. The media has now become a global instrument of communication reaching over the different parts of the world commercially. Not only is the media performing towards communicating to the world, but the global effects of the media and the communication technology have significant impacts on the societal issues related to the economics and politics of any country or nation. The media has an extensive role to play in the democratic revolutions occurring in different corners of the world. They bring into the focus of the entire community the different information in relation to the revolution (Herman & McChesney, 2001, pp.1-4). Thus the improved and advanced role of the media in the present generation can be understood to be efficient enough to communicate issues to individuals strongly such that they can be motivated and encouraged to take part in the revolution or any related steps for the good of the nation. The modification and advancement of the media and the industry over the years have been found to have certain positive implications on the society. Different cultures tend to mix up and combine their opinions and views towards the right measures for a nation. The media acts as the voice for the societies to reach out to each other. Moreover, several values and principles can also be shared in between the different parts of the world with the proper use of the media and the technology of communication. Over the years, the technologies used for the purpose of communicating have also been changing and becoming more advanced. The newspapers, radio and television broadcasts were used to be the primary sources of communication of the media (Herman & McChesney, 2001, p.8). Today the internet has taken a huge space being a fast and easier means of communication among the individuals. The social networking sites prove to be highly demanding as well as seem to be a part of the regular lives where one can communicate anything in fractions of seconds to other individuals. The changes in development of the media and communications industry also bring about different challenges. With the advancement, increases the competition between the different communicating mediums and sources. However since the importance of the media has been realized the communication and media companies are more focused towards providing their consumers with better facilities and meet their needs and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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