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Cultural Diversity in the Media: An Analysis of Documentaries - Essay Example

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CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN THE MEDIA: AN ANALYSIS OF DOCUMENTARIES Introduction Culture as defined by Parvis (2007) is the way of life of a group of people; it forms a person’s life through influences that are accessible to everyone through the circle of humanity that is surrounding the individual at the center…
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Cultural Diversity in the Media: An Analysis of Documentaries
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Download file to see previous pages This paper endeavors to discuss cultural diversity through the definition of a variety of concepts surrounding it and via analyzing documentaries vital to its further comprehension. The Difference of Race and Ethnicity Race is defined by Parvis (2007) as a social construct that unnaturally divides people into distinct groups based on characteristics such as physical appearance particularly color, ancestral heritage, and socioeconomic needs. On the contrary, Ethnicity is truly a matter of culture, which is in fact associated with many elements of civilization such as language, behavioral patterns, religion, traditions, heritage and geographic origins (Parvis 2007). Ethnicity also denotes a classification or affiliation with a group of people having common customs, characteristics, language, etc. (Parvis 2007). The Definition of Cultural Diversity Diversity as defined by Parvis (2007) is the quality of being different from one another or simply being composed of distinct elements or qualities from one another. Moreover, diversity is a new culture of human behavior that honors people wherever they are, with what they know, how they acquired this knowledge, and how they apply it (Parvis 2007). Cultural diversity can be found in differing living conditions, relationships, emotions, working styles, teaching, raising children and governing a society, to mention a few (Parvis 2007). Analysis of Documentaries Fame Asylum Fame Asylum is a fifty-minute documentary conceptualized mainly for viewers aged 14-19 years old aired on Channel 4’s online on-demand service or 4OD. It is created by an abstract artist named Richard Dedominici. The premise behind this program is to seek a means of changing people’s attitudes through music by creating a pop group different from the others for it is a boy band that is composed of four asylum seekers (Dedominici 2006). In the aforementioned documentary, the creator, Richard Dedominici teams up with songwriter and producer named Sammy Jay together with the choreographer, TJ Arlette, as they hold auditions to seek the exact blend of singers from the variety of promising future artists. The four guys who will be chosen will form a vocal harmony boy band which will be named Status (Dedominici 2006). This project was termed as an innovative and provocative experiment that focus on issues of immigration, human rights and the nature of fame, hence the boy band’s name Status, which inevitably received media coverage (Dedominici 2006). It was endeavored that such publicity would play a part in stimulating curiosity and attention to this project and probably encourages record company attention, and thus a persistently bright future for the members of Status (Dedominici 2006). However the project’s principal goal have to do with modifying insights and appreciation of the life events of asylum seekers and has no plan of assuring its participant’s recognition by the public, continuous employment or chart success (Dedominici 2006). Fame Asylum was formulated mainly to change the attitudes of people towards immigration issues among the complex and complicated to reach and view-persuading female teens, harnessing pester-power and the trickle-up theory‚ to transform minds, modify behavior, move paradigms, and revolutionize societies (Dedominici 2006 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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