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The Role of New Media in Shaping the Image of Cultural Diversity in Britain of the 21st Century - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Introduction Cultural Diversity Variety is the difference from the majority. In every culture, there is the mainstream and varied minority. Culture is a collection of norms that devise principles for a society of what is suitable demeanour…
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The Role of New Media in Shaping the Image of Cultural Diversity in Britain of the 21st Century
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Extract of sample "The Role of New Media in Shaping the Image of Cultural Diversity in Britain of the 21st Century"

Download file to see previous pages Culture diversity also describes a variety of dissimilar communities or individuals with divergent origins, faiths and customs all co-existing and intermingling with each other. The assorted societies around the globe are distinct from each other. Their cultural disparities are clear from the way they dress, talk and relate among others. There are also considerable disparities in the way communities structure themselves, in their mutual presumption of morality and in the manner they interact with their surroundings. The conception of cultural variety is grounded on the notion that cultural personalities should not be discarded, but rather sustained and valued. The basis of this notion is that every culture and ethnic group has distinct characteristics (Amin, p. 20, 2002). Cultural diversity also comprises of having an open mind that recognizes, allows, values and even celebrates the varied ways in which individuals live and interrelate in the globe. Appreciation of this cultural variety makes a person understand that despite all these variations, as human beings, we look for similar things. These crucial things encompass well-being, respect, acceptance, autonomy, and equity. Features of diversity include age, cognitive structure, customs, economic background, instruction, ethnicity, gender personality, geographic milieu, language, pious beliefs and political inclination among others. However, some critics assert that this phrase is frequently misused to describe the diversity of human communities or cultures in a certain locale or the globe. This trend is referred to as multiculturalism as opposed to ethnic variety. The ethnically destructive action of globalization has had an unconstructive impact on the world’s ethnic variety (Alibhai-Brown, p. 89, 2000). Cultural Variety in Britain The two world battles of the previous epochs, the resultant disintegration of empires and the advancement of transit technology considerably changed a lot of things in Europe. Since this era, massive immigration started into both Europe and the UK. This rate has, however, reached extraordinary levels in the previous decades. In 2005, the population of Britain was anticipated to reach seventy million with the seventy percent increase attributable to enormous immigration. Britain was formerly an extremely homogenous community. However, since WWII, Britain has become considerably varied as it has hosted massive immigrant populations. The mixtures of cultural associations complicate the procedure of describing Britain as appearing of behaving in a certain manner. Britain has gained from this cultural diversity all through its long history and most presently it is amongst the most ethnically diverse nations in the universe. The UK has a long account of racial and cultural variety. Current decades have seen significant immigration of dissimilar racial associations into the UK from around the globe. This has generated a community extremely diverse in the 21st epoch. This is with conceptions such as super diversity which have surfaced in an attempt to express the diversification of variety. The massive immigrations have pushed the coalition administration to establish stringent immigration controls. However, overseeing cultural variety is a complex and tricky challenge. Administrative regulations directed at fostering cultural variety over the previous year have failed to foster social assimilation and cohesion as envisioned. The administration’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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