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Correlation of Crime and Victimization through Race and Ethnicity - Research Proposal Example

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In the United States and many other places around the world, there are ethnic divisions where individuals are either classified as the minority or the majority group. Based on the fact that the minority are disadvantaged by their status and have fewer resources and…
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Correlation of Crime and Victimization through Race and Ethnicity
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Extract of sample "Correlation of Crime and Victimization through Race and Ethnicity"

Download file to see previous pages In turn, a higher number of them have been victimized for the wrong reasons. The purpose of this study is to critically examine the disparity in the rate of victimization among the different races and ethnic communities in the U.S. The study is motivated by the high reports on victimization among the minority groups when compared to the Whites. Previously conducted research indicates that that the rate of crime and victimization among Blacks and Hispanics is higher than that among the Whites. It thus examines the underlying causes of deviant behaviors among the minority groups and what can be done to solve them and reduce the rate of victimization among the members of the minority groups. The quantitative method of data collection will be used in this study to compare the number of Blacks and Hispanics who are victimized against whites. It will be facilitated through the use of questionnaires on a sample of the population within the community and interviews for some of the convicted inmates. The random sampling method will be used to ascertain that the lifestyle exhibited by members of the minority groups within the United States is as a result of the unfavorable conditions that they are exposed to. These result in higher rates of crime and hence victimization, which results from an injury stereotype. In this case, the government must ensure equity and even distribution of resources among these groups to make them more independent, reduce their rate of crime and the ultimate victimization from individuals from the majority groups.
In the recent past higher rates of victimization have been reported in the United States, especially among the Blacks and Hispanics who are considered to come from the minority group. This practice is associated with the stereotype that Blacks and Hispanics are criminals and hence should be made victims of their actions. In this sense, research and other records ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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