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Introduction: In 1965, the orders of President Lyndon Johnson passed an executive order which required federal contractors to take affirmative action to ensure they were not discriminating between employees. Since then the US government has taken a number of steps to increase the inclusion and representation of women and other minorities in areas of employment, business, and education…
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The role of affirmative action in society
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"The role of affirmative action in society"

Download file to see previous pages The main reason this topic has been chosen is that we live in very diverse societies and are faced with a very wide range of people every single day. With the increasing change of roles of households and the increasing recessions in place, there is a clear need to understand in depth the steps that are taken to positively represent the women and minorities. Body: Impact of Affirmative Action on Society Considering the beneficiaries of the Affirmative Action it is evident that the cause is very noble. Yes, it is true that the law was introduced and passed for the safety and need of many people in need. However considering the people involved and the amount of damage that it has on the society, there have been a number of doubts that have surfaced. The law has also stirred up a number of questions and has built up a number of doubts about the accuracy of the law. Kate Johns has in a very effective manner explained the same. She explains the case of Martin Luther King who had focused on what the person is worth in terms of skills, behavior and performance rather than on the color of the skin. As quoted by Johns, “Don't judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character” (Johns). ...
ople are actually being judged by their skin color and being place in jobs and higher places of learning due to their skin color, and their ethnic background” (Johns). This is the concept there several white victims of affirmative action and those from majority groups now refer to as reverse discrimination. Most affirmative action policies have always operated on the assumption of that the group that is on the receiving end of the policies is at an advantage. There are members of this group who are not necessarily under such circumstances. It is hard to believe but there are researchers who have argued that these policies, including those that are founded on racial principles, targets and goals at times have a serious impact on the majority race too. Lately, there have been several instances of white men complaining of reduced opportunities as a result of affirmative action policies that favor women and because of those that favor the minority races. This phenomenon goes by several names and has been employed by a number of groups that criticize the philosophies on which affirmative action policies have been founded. While at the initial stages, the affirmative action policies or frameworks work in a positive way. This is because at this stage, they introduce the terms and define the boundaries for which to sell the concept and idea of gender and racial preferences, goals and targets. However, they ultimately turn their heads and start biting the class of people who had been believed to be strongly protected or favored by the system. It is essential to note that impact of the affirmative action is not completely negative in society and the actual intension of the law is clearly a good one. As explained by Mitchell W. Pearlman and Gregory Daniels, Affirmative action ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Affirmative Action The concept of Affirmative Action is one that has been developed in order to address the inequalities that exist within society,so that all races and classes of people living within the United States can enjoy similar privileges at the workplace and in public places. Affirmative Action was a follow up to the Civil Rights Act that was formulated in response to the discrimination that was meted out to blacks, both in the workplace, at schools and in public places. The basic premise of Affirmative Action is that everyone is equal and that all races and classes have equal access to the resources of the country. Therefore, Affirmative Action is a move by Government to affirm and confirm the principles set out... in the...
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...Affirmative Action as an Imperfect Social Program As a social program that attempts to help those in society that have been unfairly discriminated against, affirmative action has a long, controversial history. In order to talk about it, a direct definition is necessary: ““Affirmative action” means positive steps taken to increase the representation of women and minorities in areas of employment, education, and business from which they have been historically excluded” (Fullinwinder, 2005). In part, the reason for this is multi-faceted. First, it informs caucasians that racism still exists, though many would like to act as though it has been eradicated. Secondly, non-minorities have perceived a reverse racism when chosen over... this...
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...and how society has attempted to protect these people from discrimination. Taking a controversial approach to minority set aside programs, this essay will then persuasively argue that since these programs promote discrimination themselves, they are inherently defeatist and promote the same type of behavior that they try to eradicate. We now begin with an overview of the reasons for minority set aside programs – also called affirmative action – and this will follow with a concise rebuttal of the needs for such programs. We will explore the unintended consequences of affirmative action and begin with a concise exploration of the issue of discrimination...
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...XXXXXXX Number: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX – XX – of XXXXXXX The Role of Affirmative Action in Society: An Outline I. Introduction: 1. Growing diversity in the work place leads to growing levels of discrimination in the work place 2. Work places now focus on having the right combination of different people without giving importance to gender or race (Foothill, 2004). II. Affirmative Action: 1. Affirmative action is an American approach that has been developed to deal with problems 2. Since 1965, the US government has focused a lot on ensuring that women and minority class get the needed recognition and...
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...Washington). The case ended with Beckett winning the court case. The case clearly shows that Affirmative Action plays a vital role in winning employment-related cases, especially dismissal cases. The Affirmative Action law prohibits terminating services of the employees on the grounds of being a minority. Gays one of the minority groups of United States society. Consequently, the Beckett law firm was found guilty of violating the Affirmative Action provisions. Furthermore, the human rights law specifically prohibits the law firm from terminating the services of Andrew Beckett on the...
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...Affirmative action It is sound and sensible that like other government foundations, the focal discernment office recognizes affirmative regarding minorities in society as a social objective since incorporates everyone in the operation of day by day exercises (McCrudden, 2012). In accordance with affirmative action regarding minorities in society in connection livelihood inside the U.s, veteran inclination for open vocation have been intrinsic to edgy effects, visually challenged and barely custom-made exercises inside the states. Work in the U.s has been dependent upon opposing strategy, which the administration has...
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