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Youtube-The Democratization of Art - Essay Example

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YouTube: Time to start charging users?
YouTube has for a long time allowed users to upload and access material free of charge. This has endeared the company and its parent company, Google, to billions of users worldwide who enjoy a variety of clips, music and other fun material at no cost. …
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Youtube-The Democratization of Art
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Download file to see previous pages It provided various benefits to people. It served as a way to communication and knowledge among people. The trends of a country keep on changing; similar to that effect of mass communication has changed the history and past trends of pop culture. People are moving more towards internet, mobile, websites for social gathering and information. Presently, every individual have considered it to be a popular culture to join other groups through face book, twitter, creating blogs and promoting their opinion by uploading videos. 1.2 Contemporary pop culture Pop culture is the combination of perspectives, ideas, attitudes, images and other such things, which is an informal consensus of our culture, mainly western culture of 20th century. It also reflects the past trends as well as the trends of 21st century. It is heavily influenced by mass media. It is the only factor which affects culture of the society. Perception of people keeps on changing due to the influence of mass media. Various new ideas of mass media affect attitude and perception of the society. Though it has been adopted very frequently, there has been vast criticism on it from various sources mainly from countercultural and religious groups. Pop culture began by providing a meaning of culture to lower classes; this usage was established in antebellum period. 1.3 Changes in the cultural landscape There has been a drastic change in the cultural landscape of every country due to mass communication and media. ...
Folkfores are going more towards commercial elements on face book, twitters, blogs, YouTube etc. This change in culture has not only affected individuals but as well as business sectors. Industries are using these websites to attract customers rather than preferring traditional promotional methods. The belief and opinions based on society, cinemas, social gathering is gradually fading away and people are dependent more on portable facilities of websites. 1.4 Current trends Current trends of culture are mainly affected by mass communication which is mainly originated from United States. Pop culture was abbreviated in the late dates of 1960s. Though there have been many changes in the cultural trends since last decades. Culture has been greatly influenced by changing evolution of mass media. Presently, people prefer to adopt face book, YouTube, blogs and twitter. It has become a popular culture among people for socialization. Presently mass media have been characterized in seven branches i.e. internet, television, print, mobile phones, radio, cinema and recordings. Out of these people are more addicted towards internet and mobile phones. Internet media have provided the facility of websites such as face book, YouTube and twitter, blogging etc. because of this reason presently organizations are focusing in having their outlets on web. Another current trend which has been facilitated thorough websites is online shopping. People consider it one of the most popular cultures to do shopping online rather than visiting places. This changed trend has affected all generation’s even teenagers by offering various online games through internet. One of the current culture businesses have adopted is using twitter in order to promote companies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Youtube-The Democratization of Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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