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The advent of technology has brought about innumerable changes in the world we live in. Advances in information and communication technology are attributed for the fast pace globalization has undertaken these past two decades. Globalization is closely connected to post-modernity and Americanization…
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News Media
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Download file to see previous pages The Internet, television and other media are powerful contributors to integration through globalization. The global market economy as a whole coupled with the widespread access and influence of information technology and mass media have led to an acceleration of cultural homogenization. Both information technology and mass media have allowed millions of individuals to access knowledge, information and services at the blink of an eye. This integration or homogenization through information technology has several impacts on cultures and societies.
Individuals are able to reach out and access information on a constant and regular basis to other individuals and organizations beyond their geopolitical enclaves or territories. Technology has allowed for a borderless world wherein people can access information from others beyond their country borders. Likewise, they are able to convey their ideas and a multitude of information to others who also have the capability to access them through the use of technology. According to Richard Fusco (2002):
We have entered a time when technology truly enables men and women to "extend" themselves out from their immediate sphere of influence to the entire planet. It is not simply accessing a file from another server, listening to an audio channel from a radio station in a different city, or watching a music video from a country on the other side of the world. It is much more than that. We are at the dawn of the age of total personal creative expression.
Aside from going beyond geopolitical boundaries, technology has enabled individuals to bring in part of themselves and even become participants in the information process. Technology has not only allowed access to wider and more diverse information within a borderless world, but has also allowed individuals and organizations outside legitimate media and information establishments, to become players and participants in the creation and dissemination of information and their eventual access. Fusco (2002) observed that:
Everyone can program their own radio and TV station with their own content or content that they collect. Each person will be able to organize the content he wants for himself and make it available for others as well. This is the ultimate way to communicate important information and new ideas.
The ability to actively participate in the information process brought about exciting possibilities to younger generations. This resulted in the creation of personal websites and chat rooms, most popular of these being Friendster and more lately, MySpace. Fusco (2002) notes the popularity of personal websites and chatrooms:
People put far more trust in information that they receive from a friend than they do of traditional media. As this process expands around the world, nothing will be able to be hidden from the masses. Everything will be out in the open. It will enable people to translate who they are into an electronic form that includes their creativity and what they sees as important and relevant.
Information and communication technology has created an environment wherein information can be readily and freely access by anyone. This relatively new-found ability to access and disseminate information resulted in the growing popularity of alternative media over traditional media. Alternative media provide individuals with unparalleled freedom of access to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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