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The Occupy Wall Street Movement - Research Paper Example

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: The Occupy Wall Street Movement Abstract This paper will examine the “Occupy Wall Street” movement which will be used to determine how the fantasy theme method of analysis of characters, setting, and plot converge in the community to create the rhetorical vision of shared knowledge (Bormann, 1985)…
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The Occupy Wall Street Movement
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Extract of sample "The Occupy Wall Street Movement"

Download file to see previous pages In terms of my presentation I will perform a little skit on the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, demonstrating how communication and interpretations of symbols converge to create a shared reality for the people involved (Jack & Adam, 2011). Introduction The Occupy Wall Street is an underway chain of protests started by the Canadian activist group, Adbusters that started on 17th September, 2011. The setting was in the Zuccotti Park in New York’s Wall Street economic district. A common vision for this group is protesting against fiscal and social inequality which in turn has resulted into increased rates of unemployment, greed and corruption (Jack & Adam, 2011). Such inhuman acts are being done under the effect of organization especially in the fiscal sector. The demonstration group has a slogan we are the 99% referring to the escalating diversity in wealth in the United States of America. This escalation is between the bourgeois 1% and the rest of the populace. Like most of good techniques used in rhetorical analysis, the fantasy theme analysis method utilizes the schemata in which there is description, interpretation, and evaluation of the rhetorical material. This paper takes on the particular movement of Occupy Wall Street Movement that has a symbolic reality of the populace under demonstration (Jack & Adam, 2011). Assumptions of this fantasy theme analysis technique are of paramount importance in unveiling the implications of symbols used and the kind of vision that these people hold in common. As such, the plotline of the Occupy Wall Street movement shall be looked into as well as its scene to reveal the kind of setting and motives behind the movement. Along the discussion, the paper shall establish whether there exists a sanctioning agent in the vision of protest. Application Adbusters Foundation, which is well known for its marketing-free anti-consumerist magazine suggested a diplomatic activity of Wall Street to demonstrate corporate impact on the democracy, the lack of authorized ramifications for the bankers causing the recent universal economic recession, and an increasing disparity in affluence (Bormann, 1985). In the use of the fantasy theme analysis, the movement indicates the element of scene, which is the place in which the protest takes place. As a result, the OWS sought to put together the symbolic setting of this year’s demonstrations in Tahrir Square having the consent decision making of the 2011 Spanish dissents. There most significant reason as to why the setting for such an action was in the Zuccotti Park is because it is privately owned. This bars the police forces from lawfully forcing the complainants to leave without an official permission of the property owner. In this case, the rhetoric, figurative and tricks of the Occupy Wall Street are on the one hand stimulated by the Arab Spring demonstrations like the Tahrir Square in Cairo. In addition, the movement has an immediate archetype which is the British student gripe of 2010, Greece’s as well as the Spain’s anti-austerity demonstrations of the “indignados” (Bormann, 1972). These experiences have a commonality with OWS dependence on social media and electronic messaging to outwit the governments and the notion that monetary organizations, associations and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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