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Occupy Wall Street movement - Research Paper Example

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This paper will provide an argument on the kind of inequalities that the Occupy Wall Street movement was formed to fight against. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a protest movement formed in September 2011, at the New York City’s Wall Street…
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Occupy Wall Street movement
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Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses upon the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Canadian activist Adbusters founded the movement with the aim of protesting against economic inequality, social injustices, high unemployment rates, corruption, and the fact that concentration of power and wealth was at the hands of a few individuals and institutions. The movement also felt that corporations were applying undue influence on the government. To do away with these kinds of mistreatments and injustices, it was necessary to protest so that the plight of the people could be heard which led to the formation of the movement. The Wall Street Movement felt that the United States and the world at large were highly affected with economic inequality where power and wealth was in the hands of a few individuals and institutions. The economic inequality exist both in distribution of income and economic assets. The Movement argues that since the country’s wealth was unfairly distributed, high level of socioeconomic inequality was unavoidable. High socioeconomic inequality would have affected negatively the social welfare of the people. This would see a reduction in life expectancy, high infant mortality rates, emotional depressions, high rate of diseases among others. Therefore, the movement felt that if it staged a protest, this would put pressure on the government to adopt strategies that could see the socio economic disparity reduce. The means with which the economic disparity could be diminished was to pressurize the government to adopt a progressive taxation. ...
The movement protested at the manner in which the government handled educational matters. The government at some points did not provide adequate facilities in some of the areas of learning. This led to low quality of education resulting in decreased labor provision in various industries. Educational inequality also existed between the rural areas and urban areas where the urban schools were given fair treatment by the state as compared to those in rural areas. The movement is of the opinion that even those who live in rural areas should not be denied access to better education. The movement, therefore, protested against the educational inequality (Conrad 77). Social heath inequality was also a matter of concern for the Occupy Wall Street Movement in America. For example, it was evident that the health facilities were discriminatorily distributed to favor just those of high status in the society. The distribution of the health facilities were according to the Movement was racially managed. A past study shows that African America women are more likely to die of a treatable disease than their white counterparts (Bartels 56). This shows the extent to which race plays a big role in the provision of health services, a thing that the Wall Street is highly opposed to. The research also shows that, the lesbians and the gays in America are discriminated against and are not provided with proper health care. All this kind of inequalities prompted the Occupy Wall Street Movement to stage a protest to ensure that the government provides health services equally without discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, or culture. Gender inequality is another issue that the movement had to protest against. For example, according to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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