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Your instructor Communication Behavior Report The report for ccc part 7: A Report On Improving The Communication Behavior Communication can be improved well in various situations by employing good etiquette skills…
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Communication Behavior Report
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Communication Behavior Report The report for ccc part 7: A Report On Improving The Communication Behavior Communication can be improved well in various situations by employing good etiquette skills. Some of the things that improve communication behavior include good choice of words, maintenance of eye contact, using various gestures and the employment of signals and concentrating on the tone of voice. There are various situations that one can use to implement new communication behavior. One should be able to implement his or her new behavior on either planned or unplanned situations of conversation. Some of the planned situations that I had used to implement my new communication behavior include; on advertisement, in condolence presentation to a bereaved, and in an interview.     First conversation in the interview I was called for an interview after applying for a job. I arrived at the interview site early enough to familiarize myself with the environment which was very important in helping me get rid of fear that I initially had. During the interview, I ensured that I was confident enough to answer all the questions that I was being asked. It was my duty to maintain an eye contact by wearing a solid but smiling face with the interviewer in order to understand all that he was trying to express in both verbal and non-verbal form. I also ensured that I used good and polite choice of words that helped me to respond clearly to the questions I was being asked. Furthermore, I managed to control my voice tone by making it moderate and stressed on some important issues. I chose on the best sitting posture and ensured that I used some purposeful and deliberate gestures and facial expressions. Advertisement In an advertisement conversation, I used all the language tactics possible to satisfy the consumers’ needs in the business. I chose on convincing and polite words to pass my message. I used signals that matched the situation and maintained high level of formality. Additionally, I maintained a voice that conveyed a wealth of information to the consumers. Presentation of a condolence In presenting a condolence, I had to choose on words that would console the bereaved. I expressed words that showed how I was also sharing the pain of lose with the bereaved. I used sorrowful facial expression to express how sorrowful I was. I managed to use condoling words with a low tone of voice to console and encourage the bereaved. These helped me to improve my conversation behavior. The other unplanned conversations that helped me to improve on my new communication behaviors were the conversation with my school administration and the guidance and counseling department.                                   The conversation with the school administration The conversation I had with the administration was quiet challenging due to the tough questions and explanations I was required to make. I tried as much as I could to ensure that I was patient enough to understand and respond clearly. I was a bit shy that I could not maintain my eye contact with the administrator. In most occasions I kept on gazing at the ground. Even though I was shy, I used polite words with moderate to low voice. In addition, I employed the use of gestures and formal language. I remained calm and patient throughout the conversation. The conversation during the guidance and counseling  In this conversation, I was very patient while the counselor was speaking. I had enough confidence in answering the questions I was asked by the counselor. In addition, I asked questions for clarification in areas I didn’t understand clearly. In the process, I chose polite words such as excuse me, sorry, I beg your pardon, and please sir or madam in case of a woman. In addition, I maintained eye contact with the counselor. I used various signals and gestures to ensure that presented my argument clearly in the conversation. How things worked out during the conversation In the first and second planned conversations, I had the opportunity to implement my communication behavior well because I had a lot of confidence in me. I used good choice of words, gestures, moderate voice, and all the listening skills that could help me improve on my communication behavior. In the second conversation, I tried my best to improve and use all the things that would help me present myself well but I was nervous because of the situation. It was very hard to identify good words that would match the prevailing situation. There are various opportunities that helped me in my well worked out conversations. First, in the interview, the fact that I reported early helped me to be familiar with the surrounding as well as being confident. Confidence is the main thing that helped me to successfully improve my habit in communication. It made me use non-emotional tone of voice and appearing alert and interested in the conversation. In the second conversation I was very nervous even though I tried my best. I felt this didn’t work out well. I hoped that the next time I would be involved in a planned conversation; I would possibly use body languages that are related to assertive behavior. I would employ gestures, facial expressions, good standing or sitting postures that do not interfere with the people’s attention, moderate voice tone and maintaining eye contact. Furthermore, I would like to use factual voice with no hesitations and maintain a smiling face in my next planned conversations. There are other situations of unplanned dialogue where I also tried to improve my new conversation behavior. The discussion I had with the administration made me shy and therefore did not work out properly. In the counseling conversation, things were perfectly well. In another conversation I will ensure that I remain confident and use both verbal and non-verbal communications to improve on my communication behavior.     Read More
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Communication Behavior Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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