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Stereotypes and Media Influence - Essay Example

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Mass media turns out to be one of the major sources of “popular culture in modern capitalist society” . Media, nevertheless, not just entertains and provides information to public, but in addition conveys the stereotypes, viewpoint and standards of the society to replicate the current arrangement of communal life…
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Stereotypes and Media Influence
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Download file to see previous pages 287) and (3) be responsible for communal discrimination as well as unfairness. Frequently, the “groups being stereotyped have little to say about how they are represented” (Merskin, p. 301). Stereotypes have a significant part in today's civilization - mainly in ‘misinformation’ or ‘half truth’. Stereotyping is as a preset conservative belief or idea of a person or group of individuals, held by several people. Stereotypes can be fundamental or intricate overviews, which “public apply to individuals or groups” (Merskin, p. 319), in accordance with their look, conduct and way of life. Stereotypes are present universally. However, the world appears to be getting better in a number of ways it seems nearly unattainable to release it from stereotypes. Stereotypes have been there from the start of time in daily life by means of faith, political affairs and the media. Human beings have the inclination to apply stereotypes in their wittiness, their depictions of others, and even in their way of life. One may think that it is feasible to get rid from such practices; nonetheless, if one observed the standard endorsements of misinformation, it would make this aim unfeasible. On the other hand, stereotypes are not negative at all times. Misinformation is a power, which can manipulate and have an effect on every person; making alterations in conduct, approach and ones thinking. It is as well identified that media affects its spectators by amending their opinions based on the data that they see. Large number of stereotypes televised by misinformation has related results. The media frequently utilizes as well as misrepresents stereotypes; nonetheless, considerable amount of people among society believe them. Television...
The media frequently utilizes as well as misrepresents stereotypes; nonetheless, considerable amount of people among society believe them. Television programs, for instance, the Simpsons are filled with stereotypes during its thirty minutes of transmission. The Simpsons has a huge viewership that watch this program every day as it is aired in prime time. “Characters such as Apu are highly discriminated and stereotyped. On this show, Apu is characterized as an Indian immigrant, who prays to Ganesh, and he holds a highly noticeable and dissimilar accent”. This is a stereotype that is viewed by young kids and is recognized as comic; they relate this understanding towards individuals they meet in reality. Spectators of this program consider this knowledge to be entirely truthful for they hold slight or no understanding regarding that specific group. Despite the fact that the stereotypes publicized on television are misrepresented more often than not, they are pretty well acknowledged by the viewers as the fact. The spectators who view such programs on a day-to-day basis do not identify the prejudiced content, which is being shown. In particular, media grabs the “interests of their audience through comedy, drama, and action which causes the viewers to disregard the immorality behind the content” (Schiappa, p. 259). Consequently, the usefulness of applying such stereotypes adds to the recognition of television programs. In contrast, the misinformation's utilization of stereotypes is not constantly a negative event. Misinformation’s use of stereotypes can occasionally provide one the enthusiasm to gain knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stereotypes and Media Influence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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