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Media study assignment 1 - Essay Example

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Reallocation of Film and TV Production To Fund Independent Films The state movie Whip It was set in Texas. It was about a girl named Bliss waiting for the one moment that will change her boring life as a waitress in Austin. The only problem is that it was shot almost entirely in Detroit…
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Media study assignment 1
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Download file to see previous pages It has attracted movies like Gran Torino, Up in the Air, and Scream bring more than 8,000 in one year and saved the movies more than $223 million in 2009. It is a testament of how tax cuts from several movies can save so much, an amount that could be reinvested on other movies. Proposed Policy Many movie and TV studios actually openly state that a huge part of their expense goes to taxes. On the other hand, there is another sector that complains about having the right ideas that could progress the quality of the movie and tv industry but not having enough funding to pursue these ideas. If five movies total more than $200 million in taxes, reallocating taxes from two movies of every movie and TV studio to fund independent film. Monumental movies like Memento, Run Lola Run, Primer and Clerks were all made for under $100,000. Many of the movies that Hollywood licensed such as The Eye and Shutter were all made under $10,000. $200 million yearly could easily fund 100 movies that could completely turn around the quality of movies coming from Hollywood. Benefits and Disadvantages of the Policy The greatest benefit of providing support to the new filmmakers follows the same model of the commercial market. In the commercial market, when people spend their money on goods and services, it stimulates the economy by increasing the demand. The business owners, in turn, produce more good which offers move jobs to people. This will give people more spending the power. That will start the whole process again. This model will follow the same process. As the government reallocate the money back to the market, it gives more jobs to people which allow them to have more spending power to support more movies. As more movies make money, more movies will be produced. The greatest benefit will, of course, be the probable increase in quality of the movies that are being produced as new talents are discovered. The only disadvantage that is in clear trajectory is the loss that government will incur. $200 million worth of tax is a huge cut from government funding. That could very well be going to infrastructure project, funding for Small and Medium Enterprise, education and other essential projects. Political, Social, or Cultural Issues that will be Addressed Art is important. It is, in a sense, the conscience of a nation and it must be nurtured the same way it is critical to nurture the conscience of a country. The film industry is part of art it is, primarily, a cultural issue. Hollywood, movie making, and television is a great influence in American culture, to some it is also a reflection of the American culture. When its growth is stunted, a huge part of the culture also goes away. American movies have served as a great influence in many other countries to pursue the growth of their own industry. The other more obvious consequence is the money that the movie industry contributes to the economy of the United States of America. In 2010, the movie industry contributed an estimated $10.89 billion in direct revenue alone. The TV industry could easily double that figure. How it Supports Free Speech Giving filmmakers the ammunition to produce more movies is equivalent to providing them more platforms where they can express the messages they will not be able to say otherwise. Memento, for example, was the very first film that brought forward short memory loss disease. It raised awareness about this disease which, apparently, was more common than initially perceived to be. Primer, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Study Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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