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L. & Hancock, J. T. (2013, June). Absence makes the communication grow fonder: Geographic separation, interpersonal media, and intimacy in dating relationships. Journal of Communication, 63(3), 556-577.
PURPOSE: The aim is to study and…
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TWO ARTICLE S ID Number: of of (affiliation) Location of University:
Word Count: 590 (text only)
Date of Submission: July 28, 2014
Name/s: L. Crystal Jiang and Jeffrey T. Hancock
Journal Used: Journal of Communication
Title of the Article: Jiang, C. L. & Hancock, J. T. (2013, June). Absence makes the communication grow fonder: Geographic separation, interpersonal media, and intimacy in dating relationships. Journal of Communication, 63(3), 556-577.
PURPOSE: The aim is to study and replicate/expand prior works on two aspects of some long- distance (LD) romantic relationships which are trust and relational satisfaction. Their study is to re-examine how LD relationships are equal to or even better than some geographically-close (GC) couples in terms of stability, satisfaction, and trust which is surprisingly counter-intuitive to conventional wisdom (Jiang & Hancock, 2013, p. 557). They want to know what mediation mode is used in LD relationships as intimacy is a complex idea as conceptualized in many ways.
METHOD: Research asked 67 heterosexual dating couples to fill-up a one-week on-line survey independently of each other. This method relies on self-disclosure but is thought to be more detailed and accurate in natural context. Participants were made to answer a forced-choice query.
SUMMARY: The study concluded the interpersonal process model of intimacy (IPMI) has some validity. Intimacy in LD relationships is enhanced depending on how partners used concurrent and cognitive processes imaginatively independently of different interpersonal media available.
EVALUATION: The study found how close relationships can still develop in LD relationships based on just a few factors which are more adaptive self-disclosures and idealized perceptions of their relationships. Behavioral adaptation is a key on how it affects the two factors mentioned but this is dependent on cue multiplicity, synchronicity, and mobility of communication medium used by LD couples. An insight is people in LD relationships tend to strive more than others.
Name: Christine A. Lemesianou
Journal Used: Communication Teacher
Title of the Article: Lemesianou, C. A. (2007, July). Persuasion in advertising: Analyzing one of the public faces of corporations. Communication Teacher, 21(3), 87-92.
PURPOSE: The aim of the article is to allow students to engage in practical use of knowledge in advertising by deconstructing an advertising campaign of a big multinational corporation so the lessons they learn such as use of persuasion in advertising today will be longer-lasting.
METHOD: The method as stated in the article is a short term paper of 10-12 pages in which students are to analyze the elements utilized in a corporate advertising campaign. These elements are those by Aristotle (logos, ethos, and pathos) and also by Cicero (the canons used in rhetoric, namely invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery). The idea is an applied or practical nature of the assignment will help to synthesize and crystallize all the persuasion elements.
SUMMARY: The nature of this student assignment is a brilliant idea because students will learn better this way; ideas and concepts are translated into actual usage in analyzing a corporate ad campaign to include factors such as ethics (truth in advertising) and use of persuasive strategies.
EVALUATION: Students learn the details behind commercial advertising in an innovative way as it gives them a real-world experience on how the advertising industry operates. It furthers the learning process by giving students an excellent opportunity to learn theoretical concepts that serve as basis for advertising. Theories form the foundation of what it takes to be a good advertising or marketing executive. It is an eye-opener for them to learn first hand advertising concepts like “kairos” as success of advertising is within its context (Lemesianou, 2007, p. 88).
Jiang, C. L. & Hancock, J. T. (2013, June). Absence makes the communication grow fonder: Geographic separation, interpersonal media, and intimacy in dating relationships. Journal of Communication, 63(3), 556-577.
Lemesianou, C. A. (2007, July). Persuasion in advertising: Analyzing one of the public faces of corporations. Communication Teacher, 21(3), 87-92.
Due: July 29, 2014 @ 1:13 a.m. Read More
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ABSTRACT ASSIGNMENT Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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