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Interpersonal Communication Concepts Introduction Understanding of different modes of communication really helps a person achieve success in his/her professional life. Some of the main interpersonal communication concepts include identity management, perception checking, listening responses, nonverbal communication, and high/low context cultures…
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Interpersonal Communcation Concepts
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Interpersonal Communication Concepts Introduction Understanding of different modes of communication really helps a person achieve success in his/herprofessional life. Some of the main interpersonal communication concepts include identity management, perception checking, listening responses, nonverbal communication, and high/low context cultures. A person can make use of these modes of communication to interact properly with other people with whom he/she works. I have recently completed my training in the department of marketing management. I have decided to apply for a marketing job because of my interest in this field. To accomplish this task, I decided to take a complete interview of Mr. _____, who is the marketing manager at Blue Moon Advertising Company, in order to know how he makes use of different interpersonal concepts to carry out his job responsibilities. The communication concepts that we discussed included identity management, perception checking, and nonverbal communication. I chose Mr. _____ as my interviewee because he is at the position at which I also want to be in future. In this essay, I will describe how the three interpersonal communication concepts that I discussed with my interviewee can play their roles in the success of my professional life. Three Interpersonal Communication Concepts The three interpersonal communication concepts, which will be discussed in this essay, include identity management, perception checking, and nonverbal communication. Let us discuss the importance of each of the three concepts in professional success. Identity Management Identity management plays an important role in a marketing firm. A marketing manager needs to be well skilled in using identity management skills on a constant basis. “A marketing manager should exhibit different identities to different people in order to influence them” ( _____, personal communication, August 04, 2011). For example, the image, which a manager presents to his/her employees, should be different from the image, which he/she exhibits in front of the customers. From the communication with Mr. _____, I concluded that identity management is the way we want other people to think about us. Some of the main benefits, which a person can get through employing identity management skills in his/her professional life, include starting and managing relationships, presenting different images to different people, and gaining compliance of others. Looking at these benefits, I believe that identity management will really help me become a successful marketing manager. Perception Checking Perception checking is another important concept related to interpersonal communication. In this process, a person repeats back what he/she thinks that the other person might have meant. Perception checking also plays an important role in marketing where a marketing manager uses it to understand properly the requirements of the clients. Mr. _____ also demonstrated the importance of perception checking in marketing activities. “To understand the requirements, a manager must do perception checking not only with his employees but also with the clients” ( _____, personal communication, August 04, 2011). Perception checking ensures professional success of a person by making him/her proficient in identifying true meanings. In case of marketing, it makes the managers and the employees know what they actually need to do and what limits they need to consider. I believe that being skilled in perception checking can also make me successful in my professional career. Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication is a type of communication, which involves use of body movements and gestures to convey messages to other people. Ritts (n.d.) states, “If you fail to gesture while speaking, you may be perceived as boring, stiff and unanimated”. In nonverbal communication, people make use of postures, tone of voice, glances, eye contact, and facial expressions instead of words. Hopkins (2004) states, “Good eye contact helps your audience develop trust in you”. Even in marketing, nonverbal communication plays a more effective and meaningful role in transferring information than verbal communication. “Nonverbal communication is often more effective than verbal communication because the body language of a marketer plays an important role in convincing the customers” ( _____, personal communication, August 04, 2011). Therefore, I can say that use of nonverbal modes of communication will definitely help me achieve my professional goals. Conclusion Summing it up, interpersonal communication concepts play an important role in making the communication process successful and result-oriented. Before the interview, I was not fully aware of the importance of these concepts but after the interview, I concluded that in marketing, nothing is more important to a marketer than communicating properly with the customers. In the future, I will make use of all interpersonal communication concepts in order to deal effectively not only with my employees but also with the customers. References Hopkins, L. (2004). Nonverbal Communication in Business. Retrieved from Ritts, V. (n.d.). Six Ways to Improve your Nonverbal Communication. Retrieved from An interview (Not required to be added in the references in APA format). Read More
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The topic of "Interpersonal Communcation Concepts" is quite often seen among the assignments in university. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the style for my own sample.

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