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Social media as a mode of market communication in the U.K - Essay Example

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The role of Social Media as a mode of Market Communication in the U.K Insert name (s) Course The role of Social Media as a mode of Market Communication in the U.K Background of the study Social media is one of the most important emerging phenomenons of the recent history which have allowed users all over the world to communicate congregate and share funs with both friends and communities…
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Social media as a mode of market communication in the U.K
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Download file to see previous pages According to many experts, the primary difference between social media and the mainstream mass media is that in social media, anyone has the opportunity to comment on, create as well as add something to the content in form of text, images, video and communities (Skiera, 2010, p.87). With the current enormous number of users internationally, social media can be a planned marketing communication tool to service providers, including the hotel industry. Businesses take advantage of the omnipresent platform where cost is efficient to set their advertisement (Hackley, 2010, p. 318). In the current years, there has been rise of social media channels such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Google which lets users to take a more dynamic role as market players and get in touch with almost every person at anyplace and anytime. This research proposal will seek to determine the role of social media in market communication in the United Kingdom. Research Objectives The primary aim of the proposed research is to establish the role of social media in market communication in the U.K. ...
As a result social media has played an important role in helping marketers and corporate organizations to better understand the buying behavior of consumers, indentify their needs and consequently provide them with the right information during marketing. Another important objective is to determine how various social media platforms are currently used in market communication. In many parts of the world, users of social media platforms such as Facebook, tweeter among others have been able to create and develop networks among families, friends, celebrities and people who share different common goals and characteristics. Integrated marketing communications has provided marketers with important tools for direct marketing, public relations, personal setting as well as to enable them to communicate with their potential customer through various ways such as focused integrated messaging. Lastly, the research will also attempt to establish the challenges of using social media as a tool for marketing. Research Questions 1. What are the key advantages of social media over the traditional media? 2. How are social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter used in marketing? 3. What are some of the contemporary challenges facing the use of social media in market communication? 4. What is the future of social media in the marketing communication? Literature review Social media play a very vital role in while enhancing an effective market communication. It has in the recent years come up with an idea of a fully integrated marketing communication system which is an approach based on branding and upgrading marketing communications where the different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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