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Researching Media,Communication and Culture - Essay Example

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL CASE STUDY: TMZ AND THE HOW AND WHY OF CELEBRITY FANDOM Abstract This research proposal contains an overview, literature review, and methodology, limitations and delimitations, and the significance of the study. The specific research is an exploratory case study that seeks to gain insights into the nature of fandom…
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Researching Media,Communication and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the story that received the most user comments for the day will be analyzed in terms of these comments. The study limitations are recognized as the challenge of making broad assumptions regarding these findings. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction and Theoretical Framework………………………...…………………4 II. Purpose of the Study……………………………..……………………..……….……5 III. Review of the Literature…………………………………………………..………...5 IV. Questions…………………………………………………………………………..…7 V. The Design – Methods and Procedures……………………...………………………7 VI. Limitations and Delimitations…………………………………..…………………10 VII. Significance of the Study………………………………………….………………10 I. Introduction and Theoretical Framework The Hollywood entertainment industry emerged as a major cultural force in the early 20th century. While films were the driving-engine of growth, even in the early eras of Hollywood, celebrity fandom emerged as a major occurrence. It was not long before an entire star system emerged, where actors and actresses under contract with specific studios had projects tailored to them. This process continues through the present day as movie stars receive multi-million dollar contracts for a single film. While such prices seem exorbitant to some they are justified because of the significant fans these stars can bring into the theatres. Hollywood hasn’t been the only one to capitalize on such fandom; one considers that today the connection between celebrities and fans extends into a realm of not just appreciation, but also gossip and human interest. Indeed, there are a number of highly popular websites, such as TMZ and Perez Hilton where fans not only view pictures of celebrities but also gain intimate knowledge of the details of their lives. Perhaps a foundational theoretical consideration in terms of the topic is the recognition that the very linguistic origins of the term celebrity share roots with such terms as ‘fame’ and ‘being thronged;’ the French ‘celebre’ means well-known in public (Marshall 1997). With such a fundamental link between celebrity and the public, it is little stretch to consider the important role fandom plays in the equation. While fandom is a regularly occurring aspect of our daily lives, with some individuals exhibiting varying degrees of fanaticism, perhaps the more fundamental question is the underlining significance of this. With the recognition of these understandings in mind this research sets about investigating the motivating influences of fandom. II. Purpose of the Study The study seeks to identify the primary reasons individuals are interested in celebrity gossip. Additionally, it recognizes that there may be underlining issues the individuals are not aware of or external conditions that motivate their interest; as such the study is exploratory in that attempts to unearth and articulate cursory concerns as reflective or conflicting with past research paradigms. III. Review of the Literature There have been a number of research perspectives on the nature of fandom. It’s been argued that, “the emergence of celebrity as a public preoccupation is the result of three major interrelation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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