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Media Audiences Are Manipulated, Passive Audiences. Art and Branding - Essay Example

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Media Audiences Are Manipulated, Passive Audiences.
Fashion advertising represents a perfect instance of the creation of identity by the media. The nature of product is associated with a form of cultural identity and style…
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Media Audiences Are Manipulated, Passive Audiences. Art and Branding
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Extract of sample "Media Audiences Are Manipulated, Passive Audiences. Art and Branding"

Download file to see previous pages 119-129). Fashion advertising makes use of signifiers in the creation of an identity, which is usually through the portrayal of fashion through high status, youth; high-sexual appeal, which is augmented by constant reiteration, intended to enhance the identity continuum. Discussion The intermix of images which has been fashioned by the most talented designers, artistes, models and photographers is intended to sell the fashion as a creation founded on image and to sell these images as the epitome to the society (Martin & Bush, 2000, pp.441-454). There is clear evidence of this in fashion advertising in which the products are restricted to a select few by their high prices yet the identity images are sold to the public in the media. This means of advertising is therefore effective in creating an image in the society through media as to stylishness and power through the portrayal of fashion in the cultural and socioeconomic perspective. This mode of advertising therefore offers predictability and enables marketers to control their customers since the product functions as a consumption of the promoted images and as enhances the very images in the general society (Adomaitis & Johnson, 2008, pp.182-192). Through fashion advertising, firms that sell similar products get the motivation of competing since they find unity in their common objective of advertising of life styles and standards of fashion. An analysis of high fashion therefore establishes the image identities that are constructed by the media and the fashion industry. W magazine is a classic example of the unity in advertising as shown in the print media. The magazine portrays a particular constancy in the depiction of images showing an alter-reality of sexy youthful women, high-priced products, and art. The magazine stresses more on advertising and editorials are limited as its April issue clearly illustrates. Over half of the 544 pages contain direct advertising while the remainder is filled with photographs of fashion, which may be from several brands yet are united in a particular aspect such as model or photographer. The photographs in most instances display the brands and the costs of the products. Advertisement in the magazine therefore serves to reinforce images and identity, which is the primary objective of the magazine (Phillips, & McQuarrie, 2011, pp. 99). The distribution of the magazine is also centered on promotion and selling of the same. The magazine is intended for the high-class society and those that look up to them. A large part of the magazine is dedicated to a discussion and analysis of the life styles of the consumers of its high fashion products. The magazine has sections, which are dedicated wholly to the exploration of the lifestyles of their high-end clientele such as artists and directors. The W magazine is available for subscription at a price of two dollars fifty and has a bout a million subscribers. The remaining costs of production are met by the sale of advertisements, which are priced at 44000 dollars for a page. This means that the magazine is in the main financed by the purchase of its pricey product offerings by a very small number of high-end societies (Phillips, & McQuarrie, 2011, pp. 99). Art and Branding An analysis of the print media brings out a unity in attributes in artistic expression such as the variety of the color, sense of fashion, and the gorgeousness of the forms, which is responsible for the creation of the identity of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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