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Poor Security Policies of Welco Insurance PLC - Case Study Example

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The case study “Poor Security Policies of Welco Insurance PLC” explores unpleasant findings of the internal audit and its further advice to prevent security breach attacks, Implement suitable measures, management and administrative, physical and technical control…
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Poor Security Policies of Welco Insurance PLC
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Extract of sample "Poor Security Policies of Welco Insurance PLC"

Download file to see previous pages Security Management is a huge challenge for many organizations as complexity and uncertainty have increased in today’s world. Organizations are well connected because of technology such as the internet. Internet access is the baseline and an indispensable primary tool in performing day to day activities in the organization. This technology also increases the risks that should be identified and necessary controls are in place to mitigate the new risks. Security Management can conflict within the organization and can pose to be a significant barrier to process and work effectively as the strategic goals are often in conflict with the security rules. Having to protect the organization’s assets and facilitating the employees to do their work is the greatest challenge that the security management faces. (Caralli, n.d)
Dealing with system technology with complex operating work environment can be expensive and can impact the business profits. The high cost involved and nonavailability of the appropriate technical resources has forced some organizations not to develop security management as one of their main core competency activities. (Caralli, n.d)
Security breaches can damage the company’s brand, reputation, trust and can impact the company’s performance. It is the responsibility of the business leaders to have good control and ensure the organization's safety. 
The NERC control systems security working group (CSSWG) has identified some susceptibility for control systems:
- Inadequate policies, guidelines and procedures with respect to control system and security.
- Inappropriate wireless communication used by the employees.
- No proper tools to detect and maintenance control systems, poor password standards.
- No proper tools available on reporting inappropriate activities or security breach through suitable control systems.
- Poorly designed control systems which fail to provide sufficient in-depth analysis, fail to restrict trusted access to control systems.
Failure to change control on software and patches. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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