What Is the Function of the National Archives of Australia - Case Study Example

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This paper "What Is the Function of the National Archives of Australia" presents the NAA which is the one official archive that works for the maintenance of the Commonwealth of Australia. The archive is making sure that important documents are available for the coming generations of Australia…
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What Is the Function of the National Archives of Australia
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Download file to see previous pages While the main role of the National Archives of Australia is to maintain the archives and the records, it also performs the duty of presenting the nation with the Information Management Policy. It is through its comprehensive role in both these regards, that the Archives have the clear role of the maintenance as well as the availability of the records to each and every citizen; be it for their personal interest, accountability of public offices, or a simple understanding of the role of these public institutions.

By reading assigned materials and listening to the lectures, I learned that NAA manages records by using the Records Continuum Model. In this paper, at first, I’ll briefly point out the differences between two data managing models, which are Life-Cycle and Records Continuum. Secondly, I’ll take a look at NAA’s websites and discuss how they practice the continuum theory in the real world. The continuum theory is based completely on an integrated approach; an approach that unifies cultures and standards for the pursuers of the records. This is done by examining the mentioned approach for the sustenance of the data in the archives, the documentation of contexts and relationships between records and contexts, sentencing on the creation and public access.

There are two major perspectives on recordkeeping which are record life-cycle model and the Records Continuum Model. According to McKemmish et al (2005), the key difference between the life cycle model and the records continuum model is that each stage of the life cycle is conceptualized as a one-dimensional space in the former. Recordkeeping or archiving processes take only that stage perspective into consideration. Irrespective of which dimension is in focus (creation, capture, organization or pluralization) when working with the records continuum model all the other dimensions are present.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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