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What does it mean to become a nurse - Essay Example

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The goal of this essay is to clearly define what a “nurse” really means literally along with his responsibilities and duties. Also, there will be a brief definition on the meaning of a “nurse” to people according to the common grounds of experience…
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What does it mean to become a nurse
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Download file to see previous pages The goal of this essay is to clearly define what a “nurse” really means literally along with his responsibilities and duties. Also, there will be a brief definition on the meaning of a “nurse” to people according to the common grounds of experience. One can just think of the benefits of having a private nurse inside his home. It is a combination of a mother and a care giver at the same time. It can’t be denied that the certainty of one getting well especially for a person who is sick not only relies on the doctor who gives prescriptions but also to the one who counts the time and gives him the medicine with care and with a longing of him getting, that is none other than a nurse. (AOS, pp 1)But more than the idea or the image of a woman wearing plain white suit who is always beside a doctor or beside a dying person at the hospital, a nurse is also a symbol of charity and true care for more than the issue on salary, the time that they devote into helping patients is more than the time ordinary employees spend in their offices. (AOS, pp. 2)I asked many people (nurses) why they devote time taking care of those who are sick and why can’t they just take care of themselves. The common answer was, “It feels good to be part of one person’s life in a way that you help them survive from a medical problem.” The vagueness of this answer can of course be told by a nurse and nobody else for the experience is unique and the risks encountered are for the ones who really risk their lives to help others, our nurses. That is just one good reason why anyone would choose to become a nurse.

What then are the responsibilities of these nurses in the first place To start with the basic, they do the caring and advising for the sick person. They, just like the doctors maintain the health of their patients so that as much as possible, no further complications will arise. Then, with the prescription given by the physician or the doctor, the nurse takes charge and initiates the continuance of the patient's wellness and examples of this can be through giving the right dosage of medicine to the sick person based on the doctor's advice. The nurse also is the one who takes note or jots down the changes and or result of the drugs that were taken and through this, the doctor can make or can arrive on a decision on the condition of the patient. This isn't easy at all for sometimes, if the condition is critical, the nurse needs to be on call and should be ready anytime to write these changes. That leaves them with no idle time for themselves, although this factor should really be considered before entering the said profession. (AOS, pp. 2)

In addition to this, the delegation of task is also in the name of a nurse where she can also assign to others the duties that she may not be able to accomplish. In order for the needs to be answered, he also tries to check every single bit of information that may be of use to the patient along with the kinds of resolution being made. If there is a hard condition such as being assigned to a special or intensive care, it is also possible that a nurse may not have enough knowledge on the condition but this is where the nurse's instinct comes in and with the help of her trainings and knowledge learned from experience, she survives along with her flexibility. (AOS, pp. 2)
On the other hand, based on the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia which contains the standards that are expected to be met by the nurses in the said place, the main idea for a nurse to become who she ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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