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This paper "Policies and Procedures for Washington Post’s Information System" tells that the purpose of employing Information System processes for the company is to streamline procedures and synchronize the different tasks assigned to the different departments within the Washington Post…
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Policies and Procedures for Washington Posts Information System
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Download file to see previous pages The Information System Department manages the information flow and interconnectivity of the different divisions. They implement two core information systems – the Management Information System (MIS) and Knowledge Information Systems (KMS). The MIS includes information that is accessible only by the members of the top management and is facilitated to assist them in the decision-making process (Laudon, and Laudon, 2005). On the other hand, the KMS provides technical help to the end-users or employees that would be requiring solutions for their systems and data management. KMS is accessible by almost everybody within the company.

With the current setup of the IS department, it is very easy for anyone within the organization to access the data, which is immediately available in their servers or info bank. One risk would be if competing companies would see an opportunity to send someone who can infiltrate the company and be allowed access to the system, if there is no internal policy limiting users in saving documents on flash disk, floppy disks or any other forms of handy data storage, confidential information may leak. Thus a need for a more stringent procedure in recruitment should be developed.

As the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) emphasized in their Guidelines for the Security and Information Systems, nature, volume and sensitivity of the information that is exchanged has expanded substantially (Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks: Towards a Culture of Security, 2002). Internal factors like employees who are not responsible enough in sharing information with contacts outside the organization, maliciously or even unaware of an act of misappropriation may result in loss of substantially confidential matters that may affect the management of the organization and its functions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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