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Connecticut gubernatorial election 2014 - Essay Example

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The aims of the elections are to elect a governor and the lieutenant governor. The elections run in concurrence with the United States elections for the senate and House of Representatives…
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Connecticut gubernatorial election 2014
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Download file to see previous pages Unlike most states, elections are held separately for the positions of governor and lieutenant governor. The winners get a chance to run together on the same tickets. History has it that Malloy and the incumbent lieutenant governor, Nancy Wyman, were re-nominated. There are several people running for the governor position such as Visconti Joe running as an independent candidate and Thomas Foley.
The incumbent governor and the incumbent Lieutenant were nominated meaning there were no primaries held. In his statement, Malloy said that he was going to run again for the position. He assured the people that his campaign would be about the people. He emphasizes on the work they have done together over the last three years. He insisted that the campaign is all about the things that his leadership backed by the people need to accomplish in the next coming term (Yazbak A19).
Malloy is currently fifty-eight years of age. He stands to be the first democratic governor to seek re-election in Connecticut (Yazbak A19). He is running against his core competitor for the Republican Party, Tom Foley. He defeated Tom in the 2010 elections by a margin of 6404 votes. Malloy is hardly beginning his campaign from scratch. The Democratic Party has collected $2.3 million since January 2013 in preparation for the election. The money is going to help the party to organize an active campaign in a bid to reach as many voters as possible in order to create a positive impact to all the voters (Murphy). Already Malloy and the organizing team for the campaign have named those to take key positions in the campaign trail. Malloy reassured his candidature since February when he embraced president Obama’s effort for minimum wage to be set at $10.10. He ensured that the agenda is set as a priority for the 2014 campaign (Murphy).
Carefully scrutinizing any other polls conducted in the last several months, there is no particular one where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Connecticut Gubernatorial Election 2014 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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