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As such, the brain seeks explanation on what does it mean, what it is, what it does and so on. Just by a single glance, Apple cell phone invites action and is…
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Interaction Design Principles Interaction Design Principles Visibility The human brain is designed to constantly noticing and interpreting intimations in our surrounding environment. As such, the brain seeks explanation on what does it mean, what it is, what it does and so on. Just by a single glance, Apple cell phone invites action and is easily understood. It exterior is designed attractively so as to connected with the user. Its physical properties are quite appealing with features such as metallic casing and white texture and hence it leads and guides the user on tasks and possible actions available for them.
Apple gadgets are designed to establish a real relationship with the user. In this case, it has been installed with interactive software that users can identify with. The phone can be described as a virtue friend to the user as the commands available for the user are form a conversation that is quite fascinating.
Apple cell phone has been designed to incorporate various feedbacks so as to manage the interaction with the user. They include audio, verbal, tactile and demonstrations. These features are important as they enhance a perfect feedback system that enhances communication and how the machine relate with the user.
The mobile phone design consists of several constraining that determines the level in which the user is restricted at a given moment. In this case, the Apple phones constraint prevent the user from tampering with operating system that may end up crashing the gadget.
The apple company has done a great work in standardizing all its products. In this case, all apple phones have shown great consistency in terms of physical features and software. Externally, the gadgets are made up of similar materials while the operating system has been standardized. Therefore, the gadget has exhibited a high level of internal and external consistency. Read More
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