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Human Computer Interaction - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Human-Computer Interaction” will discuss the various stages involved in evaluating a User Interface design (also known as UI) for a system that will be used by University RACs (Research Award Coordinators). The paper will talk in detail of the various stages…
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Human Computer Interaction
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Download file to see previous pages The UI design for the requirement discussed in the above passage calls for an intelligent, easy to use and a simple and user-friendly design, since the system will be used by RACs who are not very much acquainted with the intricacies of Computers or software. They would rather prefer an interface that is not very intuitive.
Some of the key concepts that will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs are the task analysis, UI design techniques, and their evaluation. Task analysis is the stage where the requirements of the system, from the UI point of view, will be explained in detail, analyzed, and the key criteria will be noted down. Once these criteria are identified, then the next stage involved in studying various UI design techniques that are available, and some of the most widely used ones. The paper will explain each of the techniques and will identify the one that is most likely suited for the requirement given. The paper will provide sufficient justifications as to why a particular technique was chosen over the others and how it suits well for the RACs system design.  In the concluding part, the paper will explain the various observations that are made during the preparation of the paper and the techniques that are used for the UI design. Task analysis analyses what a user is required to do in terms of actions and/or cognitive processes to achieve a task. A detailed task analysis can be conducted to understand the current system of User Interface design (also known as UI) used by University RACs (Research Award Coordinators) and the information flows within it. These information flows are important to the maintenance of the existing system and must be incorporated or substituted in any new system. Task analysis makes it possible to design and allocate tasks appropriately within the new system. The functions to be included within the system and the user interface can then be accurately specified.
Task analysis provides structure for the concise, unambiguous description of the tasks performed to accomplish a goal, which then makes it easier to describe the user’s actions and to explore the implications of this for the design of the products. Task Analysis provides the foundational information about how people carry out tasks so that a wide variety of disciples can apply their expertise effectively to the design of the system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Human Computer Interaction Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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