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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assignment - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Assignment Introduction Crime is a social problem that affects good number of the world population every year. Complicated crimes against humanity and properties create unquestionable fear in the community…
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Concrete and productive strategies are therefore necessary to compact the crime related complications. Crime Prevention Approaches To achieve the entire goal of crime prevention in any society, all stakeholders should be exclusively involved. Policy makers, community members, developers and law enforcers have to work collectively in the battle against criminal activities. Traditionally, crime prevention was the obligation of the police officers and the judicially. Community members and other community key players were not involved. With the modern technology and complexity of criminal activities in the society, the contribution of all informers in society is paramount. Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) has incorporated all stakeholders in addressing criminal activities in the society. According to Crime prevention through environmental design strategy, profound designs and inclusive use of the general environment reduces tremendously the level of criminal activities in the society. The strategy works directly and indirectly in fettering notorious criminal activities in a society. CPTED encourages business people, neighbors and community organizations to combine their effort in preventing crime. The guiding principle in crime prevention through environmental design is time to time community consultation (Crowe 209). The constituents of CPTED are divided into two generations, the first generation and the second generation. The first generation entails components of physical designs. In this case physical designs include territoriality, natural surveillance, access control and image. The second generation is composed of social variables of the neighborhoods. Thunder Bay is one of the biggest cities in northern Ontario Canada. The city is mostly occupied by miners. There are very many idlers in the city due to job scarcity (Zimmerman 200). The city accommodates one of the most attractive tourist sceneries in Canada. The city is known for its high level of criminal activities. Crime is very rampant in Thunder Bay city. The most apparent criminal activities in Thunder Bay city include, rape, and drug trafficking, murder, prostitution, and theft (Zimmerman 200). The security agencies have tried to reduce this criminal activities but their effort is futile. The criminal activities in the city have discouraged tourist in the area. The crimes activities have also developed fear among the city residents. With proper utilization of the crime prevention through environment design principles, criminal activities in the country can be a thing of the past (Zimmerman 200). There is dire need for intensive inclusion of the available resources in the fight against criminal activities. Proper integration of the crime prevention through environmental design principles by the city planners, community, home owners, and developers is the only apparent solution to criminal activities in Thunder Bay city. There most relevant CPTED principles in the city includes The Natural Surveillance Principle The principle is based on the notion that, criminals do not wish to be observed when doing their criminal activities (Jeffrey 140). The legitimate users of the city or any residential place are expected to be in touch with what is happening on the street. Through this principle suspicious visitors are easily identified .The basic aim of the natural surveillance is to eliminate all the obstacles in the streets, providing adequate lights in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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