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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Community Policing - Assignment Example

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The author of this paper "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Community Policing" discusses different options on how to prevent crime with the help of designing and managing the local areas that come under each one of the administration…
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Community Policing
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Extract of sample "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Community Policing"

Police officers can initiate programs to train local community members to deal with the criminal and crime spot, these programs may also include additional control and improved surveillance over surroundings physically, and implementation of community-based policing program (, 2002).

CPTED provides the fundamental principles and guidance concerning the solution of certain problems and the determination of potential participants and makes them part of the problem solving process. It also addresses the fact that crime is associated with the environment and states the possible solution to decrease the probable occurrence of crime prevalence in the local areas. The main agenda of this process is to formulate a tool that will be readily available to police officers and community members to cope up with crime situations and combat with resulted fear in the problem areas (Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, n.d.).

CPTED and SARA both address problem-solving techniques to prevent crime in problem-related areas. CPTED deals with the identification of criminal activities within the local area and factors indicating the prevalence of these activities. SARA is also a crime reduction program that deals with scanning, analyzing, responding and assessing crimes and aims to decrease the impact of crime (SARA model, 2003). Read More
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