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Usability Testing of Interactive Systems - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Usability Testing of Interactive Systems” focuses on user-centered design, which is a fundamental part of software development. System interface should be designed bearing in mind the end users of the product. There is a general consensus on initial approaches to system development…
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Usability Testing of Interactive Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Software development is more of a project management since there should be well-managed cycles during its development. If different members are to perform different roles, a well set up project team should be put in place where they are all assigned different roles according to their skills and experience (Sharp 2007, p. 870). Software development is more of a project management since there should be well-managed cycles during its development. If different members are to perform different roles, a well set up project team should be put in place where they are all assigned different roles according to their skills and experience (Sharp 2007, p. 870). It is imperative for the designer to understand factors that might impact the development of system interface. These factors include;1. Budgetary restrictions - Resources are limited hence the designer should be very careful in using the available resources. If the idea generated requires a great deal of capital, the designer should take the alternative which is effective but requires less capital.2. Time constraint -The system to be developed should not take long to complete.3. The tools and types of equipment to be used should be available and that the designer is conversant with them to avoid the purchase of redundant machines and equipment.4. The accuracy or inaccuracy of the system should be ascertained in advance.5. The agendas of the team members should be coherent.6. The team support and other development staff should have varied skills required during the process. Software development follows the following stages;• The designer has to identify the needs of the users and establish their requirements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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