Unit 1 Lab 2 Using Command Line Help - Case Study Example

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The basic form is the man name where name is the name of the command for which the user wants information. Enter the following command: $ man cal
Step 7. Use the…
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Unit 1 Lab 2 Using Command Line Help
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Using Command Line Help Insert Insert The man command is used to display on-line man pages for any of the hundreds of UNIX commandsthat are available. The basic form is the man name where name is the name of the command for which the user wants information. Enter the following command: $ man cal
a. What kind of calendar does the cal command display?
The cal command displays a simple date showing the dates of the current month and the year (Shotts, 2012). For example, in this case, it shows March, the days in March and the year 2015.
b. What is done to see the calendar for the year?
Use the command cal –y and cal –y 2015 to display the calendar for the year 2015
c. What is displayed if no year is?
The calendar of the current year will be displayed .The year that is present is selected as the year of choice.
Step 5. Use the man command to find out what clear does a. Use the man command to find out what the UNIX command clear does. (man clear) What does it do?
The man clear command clears the terminal screen of the tasks previous shown on the display of the terminal.
Step 6. Use the man command to find out what pwd does
a. Use the man command to find out what the UNIX command pwd does. (man pwd) What does it do?
The command man pwd displays the full path to the directory the user is currently using.
Step 7. Use the man command to see a list of all UNIX commands. The student can get a listing of all of the Solaris UNIX commands with a brief description of what the commands do by entering the man intro command. Results may vary with other versions of UNIX. Enter the following command: $ man 1 intro
a. What does the Description say about the man 1 the intro command?
It shows the general commands including the tools and utilities. These commands mostly comprise of the BSD user environment (Lewis, 2013). Most are command shell interpreters, commands for manipulating files, commands for the mail, and tools for formatted output and text editors.
All of these commands set a value for status so that it can be used to ascertain if the command executed successfully upon completion. The above is in line that a value of zero shows a successful conclusion of the command while, and a value is greater than zero means that an error occurred.
b. Look in the lower left corner of the screen. What is displayed in reversed white on black?
Manual page intro (1) line 1(press h for help or q to quit)
c. What does the percentage shown mean?
There is no percentage.
d. Press the space bar 5 times. What percentage has been displayed now?
There is no percentage, what is displayed is 153/194
e. Continue pressing the space bar until the cal command is seen. What does it say?
The cal command does not appear
f. Press the letter q (quit) to abort the output of the man command.
The contents of the screen are cleared. The user is returned to the directory where they were initially for example in this case the directory /var/root # is shown.
Step 8. Use man to see man pages for the man Command. The student can even display a man page on the man command itself. Enter the following command: $ man man
a. Which option is used to search man pages for a particular keyword?
You should use the command man -k keywords where the keywords are the user defined words or phrases to be in the search. For instance, man –k "create user pool."
Step 9. Use man to Search for a keyword. The student can search the man pages for a keyword to get a list of all man pages that have that keyword.
To retrieve all instances of keyword bootadm,
man –K bootadm
Will be used. It will return all the instances of bootadm in the man pages.
Command Description
Note: With Solaris, it is necessary to run the catman utility before search the man pages by keyword. This can take considerable time on some systems and is generally completed by the instructor prior to class. Enter the following command: $ man –k grep a. List some of the man pages where the grep command was found .
The command does not list pages. According to Lewis,
man: invalid option -- k
BusyBox v1.18.3 (2012-01-11 21:43:37 CET) multi-call binary.

Usage: man [-aw] [MANPAGE]...

Format and display manual page

-a Display all pages
-w Show page locations
Step 10. Interpret man Page Headings There are a number different headings or informational areas in a typical man page. The more common ones are: NAME Name accomplish the same thing SYNOPSIS Shows the syntax arguments DESCRIPTION Gives an overview of what the what the command will take effect on such that can change the function or effect of They are by a dash (-) or minus sign SEE ALSO Refers the user to other related commands and subjects These headings are displayed in the man page output using all capital letters. Depending on the command and its purpose, the man page may not contain all headings. For instance, the pwd (Print Working Directory) command does not have Options or Operands information heading since there are no options or operands that can be with the command. All commands will have at least a Name, Synopsis, and Description.
a. Enter the man command for clear and note which headings are.
The man command clear clears the terminal of the terminal screen. There is no heading displayed when the command is.
b. Enter the man command for pwd and note which headings are.
Pwd displays the full path of the working directory. The heading that will be include:
c. Enter the man command for date and note which headings are.
The date command displays to the user, the current date and time for the system.
The heading shown when the command is is,
Sun Mar 29, 15:45:18 UTC 2015
Lewis, J. (2013). Linux utilities cookbook. [Place of publication not identified]: Packt Publishing Limited.
Shotts, W. (2012). The Linux Command Line. San Francisco: No Starch Press. Read More
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