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The paper "Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors" discusses the article “Authenticity in the Age of Digital Companions”, in which the nature of interactions between users and computers and authentic relationship between robotics and beings are examined…
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Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors
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Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors
In his article titled “Authenticity in the Age of Digital Companions”, Turkle (2007) examined the nature of interactions between users and computers. The article begins by highlighting on the emergence of authentic relationship between robotics and beings. The author argues that advancement in technology and subsequent design of computers to simulate and reflect human behaviors have forged unprecedented relationships between users and computers. Consequently, the emergent interaction with computers has established new domains of meaning to the concepts of authenticity and liveliness within the context of computers. The development of relational artifacts has highly facilitated the manipulation of users into believing that computers have emotions and empathy thereby evoking feelings and intimate relationships within beings. The article in conclusion asserts that the resulting meaning of liveliness and authenticity attached to these computers are erroneous since robots are simply based on programmed codes.
According to Turkle (2007), modern generation of computer continues to distort the traditional meaning of human- computer relationship with regards to authenticity and liveliness. However, the key question should query the basis of the meanings being debated upon. To me, human perception of authenticity and liveliness with regards to relational artifacts has majorly been underlined by the nature of the feedback as interpreted by the observer but not on the inherent properties of the sources. Therefore, despite the wrongful contextualization of computer and human being relationship, users are rightfully guided by their behavioral desires and the subsequent feedback suitably marched by these computers
Turkle, S. (2007). Authenticity in the Age of Digital Companions. Interaction Studies, 8(3), 501-517. Read More
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