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Invention Mental: Sexual Helmet - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper explores the problems related to conventional sexual activity such as child rape, teenage pregnancies, the threat of HIV and STDs and prostitution, which can be eliminated by the use of the mental sexual helmet, which offers a variety of advantages to different groups.   …
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Invention Mental: Sexual Helmet
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Download file to see previous pages The advantages of adopting the technology include that it will offer the aged, the incapacitated and the ill, the opportunity for sexual satisfaction. The technology will also eliminate the challenges of conventional sex, including the monotony of having one partner and the threat of HIV and STDs. More importantly, the adoption of the technology will allow for the eradication of some vices from the society, mainly rape and prostitution.
Inelmen et al. (2012) noted that the physical changes that come with aging, ill health and stress lead to a reduction in sexual functioning. The reduction in sexual functioning and sexual interest can be triggered by different factors, including poor mental health, poor physical fitness, a negative attitude towards sex and the lack of a healthy sexual partner. Further, the older members of society among the other groups identified earlier are assumed to have a reduction in sexual desires, mainly because it is difficult for them to discuss their issues with doctors or other members of the society. Particularly, among the older population, the barriers to maintaining a proper sexual activity include that they may lack a befitting sexual partner, they may be suffering from depression and they may feel the monotony of their long-term sexual relationship. Other factors affecting their sexuality include having sexual partners that are not appealing enough, the effects of hormone variability and iatrogenic factors (Inelmen et al., 2012). Towards addressing the wide array of the problem, this technology will eliminate the importance of physical sex, which is the major cause of the many problems facing modern society. Among the problems to be addressed, following the adoption of the technology include child rape, teenage pregnancies, the threat of HIV and STDs and prostitution.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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