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A teacher must have the content knowledge, Pedagology knowledge and technology knowledge. These three types of knowledge are commonly known as TPACK which means Technology, Pedagology and Content…
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Assignment#1 Technology Lesson Plan, Part 1: TIP Analysis
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Assignment Technology Lesson Plan, Part TIP Analysis Explain TIP Analysis learning problem and technology-based solution
This is a method of teaching where technology is used to help solve the problem. A teacher must have the content knowledge, Pedagology knowledge and technology knowledge. These three types of knowledge are commonly known as TPACK which means Technology, Pedagology and Content knowledge. Content knowledge refers to the teacher showing understanding of the content to be taught. Pedagology knowledge requires the teachers to be knowledgeable in the methods and processes of teaching. Technology knowledge refers to the understanding of the technologies that will help students understand the subject matter. The three type of knowledge are integrated and therefore solve the technological problem students have in learning (Roblyer & Doering, 2013).
Phase 1: Analysis of Learning and Teaching Needs
Step 1: Determine Relative Advantage
What is the problem?
Concepts utilized are difficult, Time consuming and boring because it involves technical subjects such as physics, mathematics and biological subjects which make it quite challenging for students with disabilities to cope. Unless technological based solution are provided students with disabilities especially those with eyesight problems may not be able to learn. with those subject using Universal Design
Do technology-based methods offer a solution with sufficient relative advantage?
The technological based methods provide solution with sufficient relative advantage to both students with and without disabilities. The utilization of Universal design learning (UDL) technology provides an efficient and effective learning inter-phase that enables students to access learning materials at their convenience. It can be used to manipulate the text by increasing or reducing the font size and hence, catering for the needs of all students including those with disabilities. It also provide clear displays of graphic for easier learning.
Step 2: Tech-PACK Assessment
What is my content knowledge (CK)?
The content knowledge is the ability to present the necessary learning materials to the students.
What is my knowledge of pedagogy (PK)?
Is the expertise and skills of the teacher on process and methods of teaching
What is my knowledge of technology (TK)?
Are skills and expertise to use the technology that will enable students to learn without difficulties. It may include use of UDL.
Source: (Roblyer, & Doering, 2013 pp.55-58)
Phase 2: Planning for Integration
Step 3: Decide on Objectives and Assessments
What outcomes do I expect from using the new methods?
The new methods are expected to improve student’s attitude as well as increase their understanding towards the subject.
What are the best ways of assessing these outcomes?
The best way to evaluate the outcomes is by creating instruments and objectives to assess whether they have been realized. one may use linker scale and differential methods
Step 4: Design Integration Strategies
What kind of content approach is needed?
The content approach required entail an integrated approach that provide students with proper understanding of their culture and geography.
What grouping approach should I use?
The teacher should use a group of networked computers to track student’s progress.
How can I prepare students adequately to use technologies?
Students may be prepared by helping them to develop a positive attitude towards the new technology and providing them with all necessary material that might be required.
Step 5: Prepare the Instructional Environment
What equipment, software, media, and materials will I need to carry out the instructional strategies?
Computers, internet and back-up software will be needed
How should resources be arranged to support instruction and learning?
They should be organized in the sense that enhances efficiency and learning outcomes
What planning is required to make sure technology resources work well?
Students attitude should be the first thing, they should be prepared to ensure that they are enjoying the learning process
(Roblyer, & Doering, 2013 pp.58-63)
Roblyer, M.D., & Doering, A.H. (2013). Integrating educational technology into teaching. (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson. Read More
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