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In trace route the hops default number in considered to be 30, before any time out, the default wait is considered to be 3 seconds which translates to 3000 milliseconds. 250 milliseconds is considered to be the default period while the query number that is assigned to each…
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Communication and Networkin/ Trace route
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Communication and Networking/ Trace route The implications of “40ms” and “149ms” in picture as illustrated below In trace route the hops default number in considered to be 30, before any time out, the default wait is considered to be 3 seconds which translates to 3000 milliseconds. 250 milliseconds is considered to be the default period while the query number that is assigned to each router that is within the path is 100. The between hop 11 and hop 12 which records 40ms and with 149ms and respectively indicates the increase of packets that being dispatched along the path. The increase indicates a fall in the link congestion where the link is responding to the shift by increasing the transmitted packets.
In picture 2, the main implication are noted to cause a time out in the system. The main reason is the slow and steady dispatch of packets which tends to surpass the set time designed to give a feedback prompt. The time wait between pings is surpassed making the router connection quite slow and the dispatch rate of the packets to surpass the prompt time.
The reason to the variation of time in each and hops
The time variation is mainly dependent on the packet dispatch rate which is independent in every hop (Li 46). The time consumed between pings and the number of queries in one hop is different from another hop. The difference is mainly attributed to the router dispatch rate and congestion on the link. A bigger number of queries in a single hop will consume more time as compared to a single query in a different hop. The dispatch rate can also be affected by congestion of the packet buffers or router’s CPU when responding to the ping packets (Li 58).
Work cited
Li, Jian Ping. Proceedings of the International Conference [on] Information Computing and Automation, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China, 20-22 December 2007. Singapore: World Scientific Pub. Co., 2008. Print. Read More
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Communication and Networkin/ Trace Route Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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