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Computer Networks - Essay Example

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In order to have a network of computers working and serving the required purpose of data storage and retrieval, several computers need to be connected to each other in a specific format so as to have a network of computer. Specifically designed norms have be laid down in the form of layered architecture with the description of the devices used for connectivity at each and every layer in order for the system to work efficiently and without any difficulty.
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Computer Networks
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Extract of sample "Computer Networks"

Download file to see previous pages The larger firms have their own computers connected in the topology suiting best to their requirements. They choose for themselves from the different options available like bus, ring, star, mesh and the like. The protocols used for the data transfer stays to be the same.
We take the example of the call center, as they require a large number of computers for providing online support to a large number of people utilizing the services provided by the firm. The protocols used for the data transfer are standard and are generated utilizing the international standards for communication languages. The call center backbone should be strong enough so as to meet the pressing requirements of online support to millions of users staying far and wide and utilizing the services of the organizations. The critical issue in the call center stays to be that the information and the calls need to be routed to the lines which are free at that very moment and these lines should be relieved back to the pool when they are no more used.
Next, the information needs to be collected in the central database so as to store the information and personal details about the scheme offered to the clients and their personal information too. The financial system at the back needs to be connected to the front end Customer relationship and maintenance software package, so that the information updated by the CRM department directly gets recorded in the back end ERP system. This saves a considerable amount of time and effort by eradicating the factor for double data entry in both the front end and the back end.
For this the cutting edge technology is utilized to develop new softwares and other data integration and migration utilities which connect both the financial system as well as the front end CRM. Next important factor is to maintain the connectivity of the database with the financial system, so as to maintain the records in the system and all the information in a systematic format following the specific schema.
The topology preferred for the call center is the bus topology wherein several computers need to be bifurcated in the form of branches from the central bus which is stronger enough to provide the connectivity to a wide number of computers. The chief advantage of the bus topology stays to be that the network is never disconnected even if a single computer is not upright in the channel i.e. it doesn't affect the connectivity of the other computers connected together in the firm.
[Computer Networks]
The connection stays to be the same for the complete network of the organization as well as the subnet of it. All the smaller subnets are connected with each other via an instrument called a router which routes the call to the desired departments within the organization. These routers and the gateways are the interconnecting devices which can be either active or passive depending on the amount of the power they consume. This connecting device helps in connecting and forming a bigger network.
The whole network is protected with the firewalls so as to maintain the security and integrity of the system. The protocols for the network stay to be the same whether it is a small firm or a large wide area network. The protocol used for the call ce ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Networks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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