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Open source intelligence and privacy - criminology - Essay Example

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The are a variety of answers to this question, and they include the concerns of anger at crime and all that surrounds it and the anxiety of knowing why people engage in criminal…
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Open source intelligence and privacy - criminology
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Download file to see previous pages There is also the hope of stopping the incidence of crime, through addressing the causes of crime at the individual level, which can result in social reforms. The pressure to study crimes and criminal behaviour is also fuelled by the wish to comprehend and give an explanation about the incidences of crime and the reactions of society towards it. Again, some scholar, especially philosophers and sociologists, will study crime, so as to know more about it, and also to find out what it tells the people about the society and its problems.
In defining crime, the simple definition developed about the area is this: criminology as the collection of knowledge related to the issue of crime, as a social phenomenon. The field of criminology covers – under it – the law making process, the breaking of laws, and the responses offered to the community members that break the law. The objective of the field of criminology is that of developing a body of general and evidence-based knowledge, among other sets of knowledge, about the processes of law, crime and the treatment offered to the breakers of law. On the other hand, computer science is the practical, specific approach to the field of computation and its applications. It is the methodical exploration of the structure, feasibility, expression and the mechanization of algorithms (methodical processes) behind the process of obtaining, illustrating, processing, storing, transmitting and accessing information, whether it is programmed as bits inside a computer memory bank or transcribed inside the protein structures or the genes of human cells. A computer scientist is a specialist in the field of computing and the designing of computational systems. This report will identify the key concepts of computer science from a criminologist’s point of view. The report will also explore the meaning of the concept, the difficulty of putting the field into operation and the relevance of the field ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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