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Open Source Development - Assignment Example

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Open source software development has becoming famous nowadays. Big and famous IT companies such as IBM and Novell are investing in open source development. Open Source as defined by Dan Woods (2005) refers to software that is released with source code under a license that ensures that derivative works will also be available as source code, protects certain rights of the original authors, and prohibits restrictions on how the software can be used or who can use it…
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Open Source Development
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Download file to see previous pages Recently Novell acquired Suse Linux, one of the distributions of the Linux operating system, taking Open Source a step further and with this expanding the enterprise market for Linux.
This is a research proposal for the evaluation of the Open Source Development. This proposal includes the literature review of the use of the Open Source and the methodology includes the gathering of the available data and software for Open Source. A work a plan and timetable is included indicating when the various activities or stages will be undertaken. This dissertation will show the importance of Open Source in the businesses and universities. The objective of the study is to show the importance of the Open Source Development in the increasing number of businesses and universities who are using the internet. The aim of this study is to evaluate the Open Source whether the said software is genuine or not. The use of this causes uncertainty with the IT managers that have to make the decisions about the company's IT policy and the software they use. The most famous and widely used Open Source Software is the Linux, the study will focus on this software to show the importance and the effects of using this software in business and education.
Aims and Objectives
The primary objective of this study is to be able to evaluate the Open Source development. The software has become famous because of its usefulness to the industry and education as well. In this proposal a presentation of the success in industry using the Open Source Software will be presented in the literature review. It is also the objective of this study to update and check the development of the software from it's origin up to the present. This research proposal will show the importance of using the Linux Open Source Software. Several IT managers of famous computer companies focus in the formation
of the software because of its increasing demand. The project proposal will show the time table on the said project.
The aim of this proposal is to be able to evaluate the useful feature of the software. The project will show the effectiveness and accuracy of the software. Since Linux is widely use because of its several characteristics it is best to analyze and evaluate first to present evidence and proof that the said subject is as effective as what the founder described it.
Scope and Definition
The internet will not be functioning without the Open Source Software. Operating system which is widely used is the Linux - the most used Unix-like operating system on the planet. Versions have been run on anything from a handheld computers and regular PCs,to the world's most powerful supercomputers (Postma, W., 2007). This research will cover the usefulness and the advantages of using the Linux open source software. Since Linux is the most famous Open Source we will find out what features making Linux famous.
Literature Review
This study has been evaluating how useful these open source development in the business and in the universities. There are some researches that may have prove its importance but there are still that needs to be done to show how useful the software.
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