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The essay “Smartphones - the Whole World in the Palm Of Your Hand» summarizes the opportunities that have become available to any user - data synchronization on different devices integrated with a personal account, planning business and personal activity, communication through social networks, etc. …
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Smartphones - the Whole World in the Palm Of Your Hand
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Smartphones For the past few years, the world has witnessed advancements in technology on an unprecedented scale. Indeed, the citizens of the world are witnessing a major shift in the development of human civilization. One such a shift is in the development of new phones called Smartphones. Smartphones have become synonymous with the technological advancement with the gadgets being a semblance of a mobile, or handheld, personal computer. Simply put, a Smartphone has the features of a regular cellular phone, with additional computing features.
With a regular cellular phone, an individual could make or receive a call, or send and receive text messages. A Smartphone contains these features and many more. Such features include features helping users to organize their notes, calendars, create and establish networks, synchronize their data across networks, play and download media files, in a variety of application integrated in a Smartphone, which was only possible on a computer a few years back.
The first generational phones only had the basic functions. In effect, the PC ruled the internet world. However, the advancement in technology has ensured integration of the internet technology to mobile technology. More so, the Smartphones are at par with computers in terms of internet speeds. In effect, an individual can receive and send mail via the Smartphone. Furthermore, a Smartphone will allow the editing, creation, and sending of documents in real time. Thus, an individual has a platform to run a mobile office.
The downloaded applications, popularly called apps, ensure that individuals have a variety of tools that fitted their lifestyles. In addition, the world witnesses a recent phenomenon in the rise and use of the Social Medias sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, among others. In effect, sharing of information in real time has become a norm rather than the exception with most of the sharing taking place via Smartphones. In fact, the recent revolutions in the Arab world christened “The Arab Spring” were a success because of the role of these Social Media sites with information passed over the Smartphones.
In conclusion, it is evident that Smartphones are a vital part of human life. Not only are these gadgets important for an individual’s unique lifestyle, Smartphones provides an individual with a mobile office outside his or her physical office. In effect, the gadgets enhance professionalism and efficiency at work. Indeed, the rapid growth in technology will continue to provide the world with amazing apps fitting an individual’s needs. Read More
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