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History and Impact of Computing First Name, Last Name College/University Date History and Impact of Computing Introduction: This paper addresses the answers of key questions asked in the context of the computer history and important role of leaderships of the Apple, and other computer manufacturing companies…
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Download file to see previous pages However, IBM card sorting and punch cards, which are considered precursor to computer, were invented. IBM through the German’s subsidiary followed the Jewish destruction. More than 2000 machines were dispatched through Europe and Germany. Figure 1: A Dehomag Hollerith machine (Source: Black, 2001) An American engineer named Vannevar Bush developed the large analogue computer as an accurate device than the previous one in 1930. It was an important achievement in the computing world as earlier devices were not reliable in computing. Claude Shannon who was an American electronic engineer, mathematician and cryptographer worked on the “Communication in Presence of Noise” and published this report after 1949 due to World War II. Claude E. Shannon proved the sampling theorem based on the Nyquist’s results. This work was done in 1940 but published after the 1949 (Normsn 2013). The Horward Aiken who found it sufficient for the satisfaction of computers’ needs initially estimated six electronic digital computing. IBM worked on the Aiken’s prediction and resulted into a development of IBM Stretch computers of 1959. This development became necessary for the storing of million numbers in the RAM as shown in the figure. Figure 2: Length of Console (Source: Kopplin, 2002) Transformation in the computer equipment was seen during 1960s. Early computers were in size of mainframe and then shrink into the minicomputers. Important development was seen when files were stored on the taps and accessed without involvement of any third party. Additional features like small computers, interfaces based on keyboards, and interfaces were included in 1972. Personal computers for the individual use were importantly developed. Computer Interface facilitated the shifts in the new patterns (Turner 2006). In 1981, IBM introduced a more affordable personal computer with a user-friendly design, and operating system having a movable screen. The use of PCs has become on a widespread in the offices, homes, and schools. Introduction of microprocessors in the early 1980s made it possible for several manufactures to make the chips based on the DSP. The data signal processing is a device with a native code. The DSP chips are capable to carry the millions of operations per a second (Poornachandra and Sasikala 2010). In early 1990s, the digital world shifted towards the models of the image processing hardware by the development of single boards. These boards were compatible for the buses of market standards. The image processing hardware contains the digitizer and hardware for primary operations known as the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). The digitizer averages the images as quickly as possible. This development made possible for noise reduction. The image processing also resulted into the storage space with megabytes (Gonzalez and Woods, 2009). Developing of the long instruction word architecture enabled the numeric and intensive algorithms. Digital filtering used in the processing of different video signals reduces the noise effects or corruption pixels in video or images (Parker and Dhanani 2013). These events were selected because progress in digital computing did pass through a history. Historian of computing presented the contribution of the main players in strengthening of the communication and in the context of industrial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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