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History & impact of computing - Assignment Example

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Computing refers to any activity, which is problem oriented that requires, benefits from or creates different algorithmic processes through the use of systems like computers. The computing process includes among other functions, designing, developing as well as establishment of…
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History & impact of computing
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Download file to see previous pages road, involving software engineering, computer engineering, information systems, computer science as well as the broad field of information technology (Ceruzzi, 2003). A computer, which is the center of the computing process, refers to a machine which manipulates various kinds of data depending on instructions created in a system called a computer program.
The program is developed in such a way that it contains a form that is executable so that the computer can effectively use directly in executing the particular instructions. The process of execution often carries out all the special instructions in the computer program, the instructions articulate the different computations that are performed in the computer, triggering the sequence of simple and executable actions in the specific executing machine. Those actions later produce effects in accordance to semantics of the particular instructions. Many people that enjoy the developments in computing do not understand the path that this field has taken to present. This paper examines the path that the process of computing has undergone to reach its present levels that people enjoy in their private and public social and economic dimensions among others.
One of the questions that many people often ask is who was the first person to make the computer? It is important to note that such a question does not really have a simple answer. The fact remains that many inventors played an important role towards the history of computers and computing. It should be understood that a computer refers to a machine comprising of many parts, most of whom can be regarded as being separate inventions. Some of the people that have played a role in the process of computing have been celebrated throughout history as having made or assisted in making systems that have continued to change human life in different dimensions; some of them include the following.
Charles Babbage is described as great pioneer of computing because of his efforts in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History & Impact of Computing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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