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The Lasting Social and Political impact of the 1950's - Essay Example

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Class name Date The lasting Social and Political impact of the 1950’s The Arms Race combined with the Space Race that began in the 1950’s had a defining and resonating impact both culturally and politically. This research will present studies from the decade that defined not only a truly pivotal moment in American and World History, but details that the effects from that era still have a direct impact on both modern politics and present day cultural movements…
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The Lasting Social and Political impact of the 1950s
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"The Lasting Social and Political impact of the 1950's"

Download file to see previous pages The full effect of the national mobilization, in both countries, was a unique and monumental undertaking that served to provide the technical knowledge that led the staggering innovations of the subsequent generation. Proving that the benefits ran far beyond the military application, this study will confirm that argument that the 1950’s, in specific, marked a turning point in military ingenuity and upper tier scientific exploration. Directly accompanying this rise in technology was the fundamental fact that better education was needed to further any significant works. Birthed of the militaries need for expertise in new and still developing fields of research this study presents arguments that define the effect that need had on the education system of an entire nation. With new demands and ever increasing competition from the Soviet Union, the American education system underwent a substantial upgrade. Such an accomplishment, while made for sake of the brief military need, still serves to provide educated students for a still warring world. Alongside the Military buildup of the 1950’s, the Space Race helped to define a nations pride and determination. In direct competition with the U.S.S.R., American Space technology was thrust into the mainstream of society. Unknown and unremarkable scientists became national heroes and figures of consequence nearly overnight. By proving that the need for the American culture to feel triumphant helped to fuel the drive to space, this research will link the importance of the Space race to the cultural development in the decade of 1950 – 1960 and well beyond. By providing a point of national pride with which an entire population could not only rally around but hold up as role models and heroes, the Space Race provided an outlet for the pent up frustrations that were left simmering from the Second World War. Facing our once ally in a political and exploratory arena served to drive ingenuity and innovation to a never before level, that alone would have been a monumental achievement. Standing alongside the major accomplishments that took place in that decade, the research will show the profound influence that these footholds attained gave to following research. Much like the rest of the culture, competition combined with a sense of potential conflict, will serve to drive an already driven person to every greater height. On the other end of the cultural spectrum, the Space Race and the Arms race respectively are directly responsible for several still extant social movements across the globe. An entire philosophy was spawned by the detonation of the first nuclear bomb. The mere sight of the blue marble of Earth from space helped to cause the environmental movement; this was their first adopted symbol. The technology to see and the knowledge to learn that harm or potential harm would happen was direct result of military and space exploration innovation. This link will serve to show the fundamental and utterly connected nature that the movements of a society and their military are. The intertwining nature of a culture encompasses every facet and excludes none. During the 1950’s, there was such momentous tidal wave of change that the facts will make it nearly impossible to argue ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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