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Computer science is a discipline that covers theory and suggests how to implement it in practical work. Computer science presents an institution that encourages graduates to adapt to novel technologies and new ideas…
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Why do I Want to Study Computer Science
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Download file to see previous pages The application of computer science can be divided into three categories, which are scheming and constructing software, transferring data to more than one network or providing innovative approaches to security problems, as well as formulating novel and improved traditions of using computers and addressing meticulous challenges in areas such as robotics and digital forensics. It is worth mentioning that mathematics is considered as one of the important factors in each of the categories of computer science (Denning, “Is Computer Science Science?”). This study focuses on the growth of careers in this field considering the sector as one of the providers of high-paying jobs and various opportunities. It provides an opportunity that can help take a person to a higher level of success. My goal to become a Computer Science-MS graduate is to attain the employment opportunities with respect to this course of study which, in comparison to others, are more abundant (Computer Science Education Week, “Key Facts about Computer Science”). ...
Current government projection demonstrates that more than 800,000 high-end employments related to computer science skills will be formed in the economy by 2018. It will make it one of the fastest rising professional fields. Overall, it has a bright career prospective for the students who decide to graduate in this pasture (Bowie, “December 5th JodyGram”). Apart from this, the inspiration from my parents was also a major reason for me to opt for this course. Not only my parents, but also my friends and knowledge facilitators have guided me to take this field as my vocation that will lead me towards success and growth. Qualification Required for Studying Computer Science-MS The students who are interested in studying Computer Science-MS require the following qualifications: High-quality dexterity in mathematics Good logical reasoning aptitude Good acquaintance in computer technology For graduate education in Computer Science-MS, the minimum requirement for students is to have a certain amount of analytical as well as cognitive skills which make it easier for them to understand the entire syllabus of the curriculum. It is also necessary to have excellent knowledge in mathematics and logical reasoning to become a graduate in Computer Science, as it deals with calculation of binary codes, programming in terms of algorithms, calculus, linear algebra and discrete mathematics. In the similar context, the curriculum also deals with software development programs, which entails high-quality knowledge and skills in computer technology (Association for Computing Machinery, “Computing Degree & Careers”). My strengths in mathematics and logical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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